Silver and Pearls {and a Blogger Feature}

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I love jewelry… what girl doesn’t, right?  I will freely admit I’m quite picky when it comes to what I will actually wear when it comes to my goods.  Val over at Miss Val’s Creations makes the most beautiful pearl and silver earrings (among many many other fabulous creations)  and I knew I had to have to them. 


I can’t remember if she found my blog first, or I found her initially, but I think it’s safe to say we are bloggy friends at this point. :)  She always leaves me the sweetest comments on my posts and I hang on a cliff waiting to see her newest creations.

 Earrings Vintage LO

I FINALLY had a little bit of extra money in my PayPal account this past month and rushed over to Miss Val’s Creations Artfire Store to buy the prize I had been eyeing for some time.  She definitely exceeded my expectations and I wear these beauties at least 3 times a week… they match EVERYTHING (especially my Stella and Dot lovelies). 

Sometimes, it’s nice to know when someone appreciates what you do… 


THANK YOU, Val,  for making such a wonderful and quality HANDMADE product.  I really really {heart} my earrings.


I am in love with pearls, and LOVE these earings. So pretty!

I LOVE those earrings! SOOO beautiful!

I love pearls... they are my favorite!!! :)

Thank you Liberty for the write up! I'm so glad you are happy with these pretty dangles! I can't remember which one of us stumbled on the other's blog first either!!! I always enjoy reading your posts too! Have a great weekend. ~Val

Very Pretty earrings Liberty!! I can see what you would wear them all the time!! Thank goodness for our bloggy friends who have amazing talent so we can have unique and fun accessories to add to our world! Hugs!

Following you from the blog hop. Visit me at

Nice Earings :)

She is so awesome! I love her stuff too.

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