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Handmade Swap

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I was paired up with 2 swap partners as Amber’s partner was unable to participate….  I haven’t exactly finished my trade items for Amber and PoeKitten but I’m ALMOST done!!  If you haven’t visited her before, please check out Amber’s Blog!!  I love her style and easily get lost in reading all about her postcards, craftiness, recipes, and kiddos.  I received these lovelies in the mail about 2 weeks ago:

Handmade Swap Hair Clip

Handmade Swap Bracelet

Handmade Swap Bracelet View 2

I was uber UBER excited and have received more compliments than I can count on her handmade craftiness!!  Look at the attention to detail in the bracelet girls…  I am so in love and so happy that these little gems are mine to keep.  :) (I know that makes me a wee bit selfish… but hey…)

Handmade Swap Bracelet Vw 3

Amber was one of the first 5 to comment on my


post so I get to make her more than one pretty!

Thank you, Amber!!!  You are


Tribute Tuesday


So, today I’m participating in Janette’s Tribute Tuesday…. Go check her out!!  She is my Bloggy BFF!!  We have never actually met, but we talk just about every day via our blogs, email, or texting.  I run quite a few of my ideas through her first to get her perspective and vice versa.  We are definitely a match made in heaven. :)

My tribute today:

my sister

Sisters River

Here is a picture from her visit last week (hence my absence) of us by the Etowah River.

By now, I hope most of you know that I am much better at editing and posting pictures than actually writing something of content….  But, I will try to do my sis justice.

Carrie Libby Nanny's

Here we are as little kids at my Nanny and Papa’s place in Arkansas.  We moved around ALOT as kids and visiting Arkansas was always like home. 

Carrie Libby High School 

The high school years….

I was ALWAYS jealous of my beautiful sister…. she was so petite and perfect.  She had the pretty naturally curly hair, I had the frizzy.  She had skin that tanned, I had skin that burned.  She had the petite features, I felt more like a hobbit.  When she sang, it sounded like angels… me, more like cats fighting on a hot summers night.  I used to sneak in her bedroom and try on her clothes, her makeup, her perfume.  I wanted to BE her…

Carrie Libby Cheesy Close Up

We became REALLY close after she left for college.  She became the sister I always wanted…. she had always watched out for me and taken care of me, but things were different.

Sisters River Close BW

She has become my best friend, my confidant, my biggest supporter in life.  I honestly do not think that I could continue to live on this earth if she were not here with me.  She finishes my sentences without missing a beat…She knows what I’m trying to say after only hearing a sigh… She calls me on my faults… She tells me I’m a bitch when I am… We always joke that we are actually twins that were born 4 1/2 years apart.

Carrie Libby Phantom

We are both terrified of drowning (and so are our daughters, btw), have four kids (3 boys and 1 girl), and married physicians (before they had the title).  I’m the sewer and crafter… She’s the cooker and baker… We both like to garden.  If you get us together… we are the perfect woman!

LibCarrie Smiley BW

So… Here’s my Tribute… 

i love you, carrie

carriecameramarch09 220

Avery’s Cupcake

Avery Cupcake Bottom View

I have had the privilege and honor of creating Miss Avery’s  1st AND 2nd birthday shirts!!  Avery has a blanket  she calls “Manky” that goes EVERYWHERE with her.  Her mom has enough material to make an extra blanket when needed and wanted to incorporate “manky” into Avery’s birthday this year. 

Avery Cupcake Close

The cupcake base is the ever coveted blanket fabric and Avery was soooooo excited when she saw it on her birthday shirt!! 

Avery Cupcake Top View

It was also Auntie Julia’s 15th birthday and Avery’s mom didn’t want her left out!!

Avery Cupcake Julia

Avery Cupcake Julia 15

As soon as I receive a picture of Miss Cutie Patootie in her shirt I will definitely post it!!

Avery Cupcake Julia Background

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Wordless Wednesday

I haven’t been posting as my sister and her family are here from Colorado!!!  This picture was TOO FUNNY not to share with everyone.  Jack and Cameron were very excited to have their pic made with the wrestling pigs. :)

Pink and Brown…. Ooooo La LA

Lily Kate Bag

I’m sure you are all tired of my Lily Kate posts… but this is the LAST one…


Here is the sweet little diaper bag to match all of her other goodies.  The lining of the bag is a lightweight cream corduroy.  The trim circling the monogram on the outside also adorns the inside pockets.  Have a look-see:

Lily Kate Bag Pocket

Lily Kate Bag Mono

It’s a simple square bag with a single strap and elastic casing around the top.  Easy to get baby goodies in and out!

Lily Kate Bag Corner

The bottom is squared off just a tish.

Lily Kate Bag insdie 

I continue to swoon over this pale pink, ivory, and chocolate brown palette.  I’ve always loved brown, but don’t think I have truly appreciated it’s peanut butter and jelly like affair with light pink! 

I’m totally hooked…. sigh…

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Inspiration for Lily Kate

lily kate onesie Top Left

Remember my little birdie coffee cozy that I have been swooning over??  Here is the onesie that it was designed to match!  I was hoping to have a cute little collage to showcase different views of this lovely, BUT Photobucket is NOT cooperating this evening.

Lily Kate Onesie Top  Lily Kate Onesie Top Right Lily Kate Onesie Slant view

Bear with me…. here is my make shift collage! 



Lily Kate Onesie Bird

I accented the embroidery with mini pom pom fringe in pink.  I fell in love with this little bird from Alexander Henry’s Starling Line and knew he would be ab.so.lute.ly perfect as the focal point for this design.

Lily Kate Burp and Bib The burp cloth uses another coordinating bird from the same fabric.  I changed it up a bit and embroidered it horizontally instead of vertically.

Lily Kate Goodies Lily Kate Onesie

The diaper bag is designed, embroidered, and cut out….  I just have to finish sewing it together!  I have thoroughly enjoyed this project (really and truly).  I sincerely hope (with all my heart) that Lily Kate’s mummy likes it as much as I enjoyed creating it. :-)

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Pay It Forward 2011

I have seen this before and wanted to participate but did not bookmark the page.  Natalia at Ma Nouvelle Mode left a sweet comment on my blog.  When I went to check out her blog, I FOUND IT AGAIN!  Sweet… Score. :)

It will probably take me a month or two to get things together as I  really want each person to receive something very special! :) 

Blogger Feature ~ Upcycled Jeans Jewelry~

THIS was TOO cute not to repost!  You all know how much I love using different fabrics and media to create my projects.  Rachel over at Bubbly Nature has a series going on right now… “5 ways to re-purpose jeans.”  This is #3 in her series.  I absolutely LURVE it people!!  I can’t wait to try this at home. :)

She has a fabulous step by step tutorial on how you can make one for yourself (NO SEWING).   Pop over and say “Hi.”  Tell her how much you love this necklace too!

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Bird CozyBird Cozy 2

First off, I’ve been COVERED UP as of late (with orders, sick kids, and financial crap) and I apologize for the absence (and probably future absence this week)…

Now that that’s out of the way… 


It’s actually part of a custom baby order.  My friend wants mummy and baby to match… Never thought of that one before, folks.  I guess you really can learn something new everyday.  Anyways, this is what I came up with for the cozy.  It looks super sweet with the onesie, but you will have to wait until later (hopefully tomorrow) for that peep show.

I am in the process of making one for myself…

I know, I know, I have like 6 or 7 cozies already. 

But, seriously, what’s the point in being crafty if you can’t make stuff for yourself?!?  Cozies are one of my guilty pleasures in life (along with fabric and embroidery designs).

Ok, since you’re twisting my arm, here’s a sneak peek for the onesie…

Lily Kate Sneak peek

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Creative Girls Crafty Blog Hop

Diana over at The Girl Creative is hosting a creative blog hop!  This is a great way to visit other blogs to get some serious inspiration. :)

The Girl Creative

Happy hopping my lovely ladies!

Gift Bag From a Cereal Box

Max gift bag with cereal box

I seriously got a wild and crazy whim this weekend…  This is a cereal box in disguise as a gift bag!  I cut everything off except for the front, back, and one of the sides.  It was the perfect size for the onesie and burp cloth while continuing with the “upcycled” theme of the gift.

Max Gift BagMax Gift Bag Closxe

Max Gift

Gift COMPLETE!! :)  Off to work on my next order…

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