Giveaways Galore!!!

If you didn't win one of my cozies at Midday Escapades, you can still try to win 2 over at Dang Gina Gives!!! Gina just started the giveaway this morning and it will run for one week!

Super short post today, but I am posting from COLORADO and having a wonderful time with my sister and her family. I have more exciting news but I will wait until I have a picture to post as well. :))

Moving On Up

You STILL have time to enter to WIN your very own Liberty Original Coffee Cozy. Pop on over to Midday Escapades and comment on the post. It's that easy.

This past weekend Sew Poshy and I teamed up to become Two Lovely Ladies at our very first show!!! Although there were not very many people in general that came to the show, we had a fabulous time beginning to "learn the ropes." We did meet some wonderful people and got out of the house without the kids for a day!!

Check out my new coffee cozy business cards!! I got them in just in time before the show. I giggle everytime I look at them.

Here is a looksie at some of Sew Poshy's divine goodies. Only she could turn receiving blankets into lollipops and socks/diapers/washcoths into cupcakes!! What a fabulous way to top a baby gift.

My friend Rebecca just started making these adorable hairbows!! She was able to come along with us and add some serious variety to our booth. I guess we have to come up with a new name now?!

Just a couple of pictures of my cozy display. It was quite a bit of work getting ready for the show, but it was so much fun. I can't wait to do another one in the Spring!!

I am off to sew. Muah!

New Look

Don't you just LOVE my new look??? I cannot even begin to describe to you how perfect it is!!! Courtney (over at One Fine Blog Design) designed my blog makeover even better than I could have ever imagined it. If you are ever in the market for a blog makeover, I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation. She ROCKS! I love you, Courtney (okay, so I don't actually know her, but I still love her work... how can you not?)!

Isn't She Lovely?

For those of you who know me or have been following my blog, you know that I have been searching, waiting, pleading, and hoping to find one of these beauties for quite some time. I had just about given up all of the aforementioned and resigned myself that it wasn't meant to be.... UNTIL I stumbled upon her at Jo-Ann's! I was rushing through trying to find scrapbook paper when I happened to look to my left... I muttered a quiet, "SHUT UP!" to myself and couldn't believe my eyes. Seriously?? Are you kidding me?? Thank you, God!!!! What an answer to my prayers.
My cart had mountains of fabric but no fear! I promptly picked her up and carried her to the cash register at the front of the store, all the while feeling like I was literally about to bust with excitement. Isn't she lovely?? She is modeling my Sass Top here and it fits her perfectly.

Now I just have to name her... Jewliana? Sarah? Felicity? I just don't know!! Any suggestions?

Coffee Cozy GIVEAWAY

Remember when I said there would be a giveaway on my cozies very soon??? Well, here it is!!! Lynn over at Midday Escapades is hosting a Liberty Original Coffee Cozy Giveaway!!! So, hurry up and pop on over to enter!!!

(So, I am very well aware that I used way too many exclamation points in that post, but I'm just so stinkin' excited)

Lynn is super sweet and always posts the most thought provoking things. She loves to help out a fellow SITSta and provides so many opportunities for networking through her blog. PLUS, she totally has a wire dress form on her blog banner. She had me at, "Hello!"

Same Story, New Day

So, those of you that are not interested in fabric are going to moan at this post. However, I LOVE fabric so I am going to lay it all out there for you.... I just received more new fabric!!! It is so beautiful and I can not wait to start making goodies with it (ahem.... as soon as I finish my other orders). For those of you who are sewers, you will be pleased to know that I am offering 10% off ANY purchase (yes, any purchase) in my etsy store if you mention that you read my blog in the note to sellers or a convo with me. So, even if you don't sew and need a cozy for your coffee, rush on over while they are on sale! (Not everyone at once now)

I have four new prints from the Botanica collection:

And three prints from the Chick Blooms line:

I will be posting these new lovelies in my shop tomorrow!! Just thought I would give you a sneak peek tonight!!



Pretty in Pink!!

I am very well aware that one day, my poor son will look back on these pictures, and disown me.... but until that day comes, isn't he cute???I must clarify that I don't make a habit of dressing him in girl clothes, but I really needed to see how the ruffle was going to look on an actual baby. He was giving me a sweet little toothy grin as this thought came into my head and I took it as a sign!!

Aren't the ruffles cute peeking out from the little apron skirt (thanks to Sew Poshy for helping me to complete the design on this outfit!)?

Here is a front view of the outfit with the embroidered onesie and little apron skirt. He posed just perfect!! An acting career in the future perhaps?

Here is one of the burpies for little Emma K.

Ok, so this isn't for Emma, but I make it for our school's fall festival auction and thought I would sneak a pic of it in here.

Emma's birdie applique onesie and paci clip. The fabric matches the burpie above!

Burpie #2 with Moda fabric.

A birdie bib to keep her onesies nice and clean (in a dream perhaps).
I must now rush off to begin Karla's order... she has patiently been waiting and I musn't keep her waiting any longer!