Coffee Anyone?!?

I have been working, working, working on coffee cozies!!! I still have some designs in the works that I am not including in this post. Keep checking my Liberty Original Facebook Fan Page for the latest creations. The possibilities are endless, really. I LOVE making these little guys. If you didn't get the full effect of that statement....


They are sooooo much fun to design and sew. I try these out on my Starbucks cups to ensure that each one has a perfect fit. If you are like me and can't live without your coffee (sad, but so true... you really don't want to see me before I've had my coffee), this is the perfect accessory for you. Bypass the paper sleeve, go green, and grab this reusable one instead.... fashionable and earth friendly! It is super cute AND no one will accidentally grab your coffee instead of theirs again. Ok, enough of my shameless pitch and on with the pictures.

Green Houndstooth with Red Monogram and White Sherpa

Pink Houndstooth with Black Monogram and Black Sherpa

Tan suede with Cream Sherpa.... Appliqued "M" with brown name

Linen and Black Toile with Hot Pink Monogram and Black Sherpa

Breast Cancer Awareness Cozies... Appliqued with pink/yellow (on left) or pink/light pink (on right) on Pink Suede and Cream Sherpa

Appliqued Letter with Moorish Blooms Purple fabric on Tan Suede and Cream Sherpa

Appliqued Letter and Name in Orange Whispers on Brown Suede and Cream Sherpa

Turquoise Script Name on Brown Suede with Cream Sherpa

Brown Script Name on Pink Suede and Cream Sherpa

Fancy Cozies without Embroidery... Red Corduroy with White Sherpa, Black Houndstooth with Black Sherpa, and Pink Houndstooth with Brown Fur

Plain Suede Cozies... Brown, Pink, or Tan with Cream Sherpa

Pretty much any style embroidery/monogram/thread color can be added to any of the above designs. Like I said earlier, the possibilities are endless!! Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY on these little gems... more info soon.
In case you are wondering how to purchase these for yourself or as gifts, I have a few listed in my etsy shop. You can always email me with a specific request and I will do my best to accomodate you.

Plain Suede Cozies $8.00
Mongrammed $12.00
Appliqued Letter $12.00
Appliqued Letter with Name $15.00
Plain Fancy Cozies $10.00
Monogrammed $14.00
Appliqued Letter $14.00
Appliqued Letter with Name $17.00
Happy Coffee Drinking!!


Visiting from SITS.

What an adorable idea. I'm in love with the preppy green and white with the monogram. I LOVE anything with a monogram.

Since you are a sewer, would you mind stopping by my blog today. I just posted an idea I like for skirting my dining room buffet. I'd love to know if you think there is a simple way that a person with few sewing skills could complete this project.

Love these! What great gifts these would make!

These are amazing Liberty! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I will say I love my custom made Pink Houndstooth and the Breast Cancer Awareness cozies. Just lovely! Thank you so much.


Those are fantastic, very impressive! Just stopping by from SITS :)

My personal blog:

If you are ever interested in a new blog design, I would love to work with you!

I must say, they're "Stinkin' Cute" Liberty!!!! Love and Kisses...

I am thinking that these would be absolutely adorable as a teacher's gift with maybe and empty (clean) Starbuscks cup and a Starbuck's gift certificate inside. :)

They are adorable!

Love them, now you can drink your morning cup of caffine in style!

I LOVE THESE! I'm not a huge coffee fan, but I do drink a lot of hot chocolate and I find a good vanilla flavored coffee though, I can never pass it up.

these are so gorgeous
and because i am goofy in the head and cant count could you tell me how much a cream sherpa with tan suede, applique with name would be?

These are fantastic! How very clever of you!

What a great variety! And your heart is in it & it shows!

i am so impressed with your creativity. those are perfect because they're way more environmentally friendly then the cardboard ones starbucks gives you.

just stopping by from SITS!

happy halloween!

Those are really cute. I {heart} my coffee!

Happy SITS Sharefest Day!

Holly @ 504 Main

Fantastic! Just e-mail and we can get started on a new design whenever you would like!

Check out the packages, what I offer, and then the designers. It's a lot of fun! I look forward to hearing from you :)

Hey there! Wanted to thank you for coming by our blog. SOOOO fun to see a new face...and make a new friend. Don't look now...I'm stalking (err Following) you too! No kidding...I ADORE THESE COFFEE COZIES! I can think of a couple of people I HAVE to get them for. So I'm headed over to your etsy to look now. Tickled me pink:) Come on by again the next time you get a chance. Holly at

Oh I just love those! Great job!

Visiting from SITS

I LOVE THESE - seriously, I got so excited when I saw them...I am thinking Christmas or Birthdays!! What a wonderful idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

So cute! and you're right he will disown you!

loving. coffee cozies are my favorite. thank you for sharing your craft.

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