Tulle Frosting Cupcake Shirt

Cupcake shirt outfit close

Jessi’s birthday outfit is D-O-N-E, done!!!  Jessi’s mom brought me a pair of her old jeans to add ruffles… I used black and white damask as well as Berry Whispers from Art Gallery Fabrics girly girl line.  I absolutely love the colors together. :)

 Cupcake Shirt Close up 

 Now, as for this little cupcake here…. My embroidery machine was less than thrilled to undertake the task.  After restarting a few times, in addition to several choice words topped off with tears, this is the end result (before adding the trim).  I had to show her some serious tough love, but I think it was successful.

 Cupcake shirt Jessi close

The completed shirt!! 

No time to rest… Max has a 102 fever, Finley wants to be held 12 hours out of the day, and I have to take a bath at some point today.  Sonya, I will swing this by your house today!!



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Holiday Pictures

kids sitting cross process

So, anybody out there with kids… especially the more you have… knows how it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to get them all looking at you at the exact same moment with an acceptable look on those sweet little ornery faces.  Since we are already a week into November, I’m seriously feeling the crunch to get a Christmas card picture… although I did contemplate just forgoing the whole picture thing this year.  It’s really way overrated anyway isn’t it?  But then, voices of family members from far far away kept popping into my head, “Why didn’t you send a picture this year?  We look forward to seeing those kids, you know.“  Since we live away from 90% of both of our families, the guilt got the best of me…


They were all dressed in their Sunday best and lunch wasn’t quite ready.  I grabbed my camera, made a dash out the back door, and yelled, “Candy before lunch if everyone gets outside NOW and behaves for a picture.”  Boy, did that get them all running… even Finley!  I have truly come to appreciate the power of positive reinforcement. :)

Kids Standing Sepia

I snapped about 60 pics in 10 minutes flat.  Good news?!?  I think I actually got 3 pictures that will work!!  Wouldn’t you know, my favorite 2 were the first and last I took.  But hey, whatever!  I will take it!

Vintage Baby

Sage gift 2
Remember my vintage finds at the local antique mall??  I FINALLY found something worthy of the bedspread that I fell in love with!
sage vintage burpie
A burp cloth for my dear friend’s baby!!  Alicia absolutely LURVES everything vintage and what better way to celebrate her first (and only) little girl with my much coveted find?!?  I used Amy Butler fabric to line the back and kissed it with a tweet tweet appliqued bird (accented with Amy Butler fabric as well, btw).  I smiled the whole time I made this little gem for Sage.  I was actually proud of myself for happily parting with a bit of my antique chenille bedspread!
Sage gift
Here’s a peek at the rest of Sage’s gifts.  She is the prettiest baby and I’m so thankful she’s here. :)
Sage burpie