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kids sitting cross process

So, anybody out there with kids… especially the more you have… knows how it is next to IMPOSSIBLE to get them all looking at you at the exact same moment with an acceptable look on those sweet little ornery faces.  Since we are already a week into November, I’m seriously feeling the crunch to get a Christmas card picture… although I did contemplate just forgoing the whole picture thing this year.  It’s really way overrated anyway isn’t it?  But then, voices of family members from far far away kept popping into my head, “Why didn’t you send a picture this year?  We look forward to seeing those kids, you know.“  Since we live away from 90% of both of our families, the guilt got the best of me…


They were all dressed in their Sunday best and lunch wasn’t quite ready.  I grabbed my camera, made a dash out the back door, and yelled, “Candy before lunch if everyone gets outside NOW and behaves for a picture.”  Boy, did that get them all running… even Finley!  I have truly come to appreciate the power of positive reinforcement. :)

Kids Standing Sepia

I snapped about 60 pics in 10 minutes flat.  Good news?!?  I think I actually got 3 pictures that will work!!  Wouldn’t you know, my favorite 2 were the first and last I took.  But hey, whatever!  I will take it!


Never underestimate the power of candy. In our case, I should never underestimate the power of cookies. Especially for Claire. Although, cookies didn't work so well for pictures this year. I eventually gave up and found a picture of the three of them separately and chose a card with three different picture spots. I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival!

These photos are beautiful!!! Candy is a wonderful bribing tool.

Gorgeous photos, beautiful family! Thanks for stopping by and following Showcase Sisters! We are now following you as well...hope you have a wonderful day : )

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