Last Pair… pinky promise

Boots Muted

Yes… I’ve gone a bit overboard on the whole retail therapy as of late. 

Come on though my friends, how could I NOT get these??

I saw some boots similar to these at a get together Friday evening and I knew I HAD to have them.  I got up early Saturday morning explained to hubs that it was of the utmost urgency to buy these boots, and headed to the boot store about an hour away (Hubs was NOT happy with me, btw.  He didn’t exactly share my enthusiasm, go figure.).  In my defense, I have been looking for the “perfect” black boots for a couple of years now…  just ask my sister!  I’ve wasted many an hour and money in the process. 

My search…. officially OVER.

{{Happy dance}} 

Even though these are smoky gray, they are so much of what I wanted and more!!

Boots Close  

Turquoise insets of wings and fleur-di-lis accented with gold stitching….


Boots muted too

Pinky promise though, this is my last self indulgent splurge on boots. 


These lovelies are Corral Vintage, (just in case you were wondering)!

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“i am thankful” Handprint Tree

handprint tree top view I saw this idea on Pinterest…  AND I actually followed through and made it!!  I am in the process of helping each kiddo in Jack’s class make one BUT those aren’t quite finished yet.  It’s quick and easy…  a little paint and some cardstock/construction paper and you are good to go. 

For this project, paint the hand and a little of the forearm brown so you have the tree trunk and the branches when you place the hand/arm on the paper.  Next, squirt a tish of green paint along the bottom and let your child use his/her fingers to make the grass.  I let little man make the leaves out of his tiny finger prints in red, orange, and yellow all on his own. 

handprint treeSince we are so close the Thanksgiving, I asked Finn (and each child in Jack’s class) what they were thankful they had in their lives, typed them all out, and cut them into little strips.   I glued Finley’s for him, but each child gets to glue their thankful items anywhere they want on their tree.  I absolutely LOVE watching the creativity flow with the little people in my life.

Handprint tree name plate

Each child has their very own stamped name plate that will be attached with mini brads.  Kids are sooooo proud of their artwork and need something fancy now and then to accent it!!  (imo anyways)

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Pinned it, Did it, Loved it!!

Sorry for the absence as of late.  The sickness germs have officially made it through my house not once, but TWICE.  But, never fear…  I have had a shot in my hiney and some other good drugs to make me as good as new (good thing I have a good doctor).


So, like a good many of you I’m sure, I pin all of these fabulous ideas with aspirations of recreating them all!  I spend so much time getting inspired that I run out of steam…

BUT, my Bath and Bodyworks plug in oil scent was out and I remembered the above pin!  I followed the tutorial filling the empty container with water and essential oils.  I used about 20 drops each of orange and clove oils (that’s what I had on hand).  I plugged it in and holy crap, it smelled amazing!!  I wasn’t sure how well it would work, so I only filled it about 1/2 full.  It only lasted a week or so, but I will definitely do it again.  You can change up your scents more frequently and it is a much healthier alternative. 

I am working on my posts about Finley’s birthday party (that was, ahem, almost 2 months ago) and finishing up a super cute craft in Jack’s class tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the details!

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