Missing Her

It’s been a month since my grandmother died…  I know it’s time for me to get back to life in its entirety, but I still don’t want to.

Handkerchief bottom view She died two days before her 80th birthday, and this was going to be her birthday present.  I gave it to her on her birthday anyway and she held it in her hand as I saw her for the very last time on this earth.  I know she would have loved the bling….  she was ALL about the bling!

DnLD7-15-08 061

Here is my nanny with Jack 3 years ago.  She played baseball with him ALL afternoon! 


She’s on the far left of this picture at the age of 15…  that’s when she married my papa.


Here are the girl granddaughters in the kitchen (that holds SO many memories) creating her memorial flowers and pictures.


Her memorial wreath that we made.


She also LOVED parties with cake.  We celebrated her birthday with one of her favorite colors… HOT PINK. :)


I know she’s at peace.  I know she’s happy again.  I know I will see her again. 

But, today I still miss her. 

I’m filled with regret for the times I wasn’t there.

And, my heart aches for her.