Crap and Clutter

Whilst looking at all of the beautiful home decor pictures on Pinterest…


(as I’m drooling and feel the envy creep into my soul) a thought popped in my head…

I’ve decided that what makes them so appealing (other than the AWE-some designs) is that they are free from crap and clutter. 


When I think of a dream house, of course these types of images pop into my head.  BUT, are they realistic for people like me?  I’m one of those crafty whimsical types that would rather be working on a project than cleaning.  I’m actually jealous of my friends who have the innate cleaning and organizing talent (which I have quite a few of, btw…  secretly I’m hoping they will magically transfer some of their super powers to me!)

Living Room

This is my reality.  No matter how many times in a day I pick up toys, they reappear and multiply.  In fact, if I took another picture of the exact same area right now, you would see all new crap on the floor plus some!  Can I use kids as an excuse??  I would, but look:


There are two kidlets in this picture.  Is their kid crap hidden in their rooms?  Or is it hidden in the corners of the living room that we can’t see in this picture?  (I kid, I kid…  I know it’s a staged picture, but still!)

Living Room 2

If I let a little more light in, will my living room look any better??  Probably not, you will just be able to see more of the dust and dog hair on the floor.  (Yes, Finley is STILL climbing on the couch despite being told no.)

Living Room 3

I think I have some potential in this room, I just don’t know how to go about putting all my ideas, clutter, and crap together to yield the result I want.  I can’t get rid of the kidlets so I supposed I’m going to have to purge some of the kid crap and my own clutter. 

Sigh…  I’m working on it!

Guest Post at The Johanson Journey

Want to learn how to make this??

Headband Tut

Then head over here:

I’m guest posting while Janette is taking a wee bit more time to get her routines established with baby #3 in the mix.  Honestly, I don’t think I would have even thought about blogging with a 1 week old but she is seriously dedicated to her blog and those who follow.  :) 

I wish she would rub off of me a little!! 

I have all these great ideas (or what I think are great ideas) to blog about but I can’t ever seem to find the time to make it happen. :( 

Any who,

go check it out and give Janette a little shout out while your over there!

Don’t make me beg…  it won’t be pretty… ;)

~Totally Addicted~

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. 

I am hopelessly and TOTALLY addicted to:

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It has been stealing my blogging time!!

Where else can you find sooooo many ideas and organize them in such a neat way?

Like, party ideas…



Craft Tutorials…



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So, if you haven’t joined pinterest yet, go to my profile and check it out. 

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Easy School Work Organization

School work organization

If you are like me, it’s difficult to decide which kids’ papers to keep and which to throw away.  Not to mention if Jack sees anything in the trash that he brought home, it is MELTDOWN central.  One time he actually said through broken sobs,

“You broke my heart.” 

Yeah, I know…  a punch in the gut… 

School Work Organization Close

To avoid school paper clutter on my kitchen counters, each child has their own plastic box to hold their individual papers.  These came from Wal-Mart for $3.99.  I’m not sure of the exact size, but an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper fits flat in the bottom. 

Max didn’t have very many papers to save from 5th grade so I was able to use the same box for 6th grade!

 School Work Organization Jack

You know I LOVE to use mailing labels for my projects.  I used my clipart and print shop software to transform these 2” x 4” shipping labels into the cute labels for the boxes.  Each year I choose a stick kid/picture that reminds me of my kiddo at that season in his/her life.  I add their name, school year, school grade, and teacher.  I even put their report cards, awards, valentines, etc  in there so I know exactly where to find everything for that particular school year.  When I get around to scrapbooking an album of their school years, I will have it all right there stacked neatly in their closets. :)

School work organization example

After they show me their school work for the day/week, they know to put it away  in their box!  It really is a win/win solution to the school paper clutter. :)  My daughter enjoys going back through her old boxes and reminiscingIt’s cute when she says, “Look at this.  I was so little when I did it.” 


Partying here this week!!

Family Ties

As some of you know, my immediate family does not live close.  My mom lives in southern Louisiana, my sister in Colorado, my brother b/w Nigeria and Louisiana, and my dad in Arkansas.  When the weather starts to change and fall is upon us, my soul aches for these special people.

Lib Carrie Little House

Me and my sister on our road trip this summer


My mom

Jonah Finn

My sister’s eldest and my youngest

Adrienne Em Little House

Sister cousins (since they don’t have sisters of their own)

Hopefully my mom will road trip here next month AND we are planning a family trip to Colorado over Thanksgiving…. happy dance! :)

~Enjoy your family today~

Fancy Friday

I’m linking up over at Mel Dreams Often for her Friday Blog Hop!  There are some really cool blogs and projects linked up so far.  If you are looking for some more inspiration, go check it out.

~Have a great weekend~

A New Baby Girl

Janette over at The Johanson Journey had her baby girl 3 weeks early!! 

Rayne Nicole was born September 14 and weighed 6 lbs 8 oz.  She was having a bit of trouble breathing, so she is currently in the NICU.  Janette and I have never met but I feel as if we have known each other since we were giggly grade school girls.  She constantly encourages me and has a helpful word.  If you get a chance, please head over to her blog and wish her well. :))

A New Lovely Craft

Mum Rings
These little guys have been popping up everywhere.  I first saw them on etsy in LMM’s shop.  I fell in love with them so much that I ordered all the stuff to make them, made a ton for a craft show I never entered, and gave quite a few of them away as gifts.  I do have tons left though…
Rose Rings
Since I got the idea from Ashley, I asked her if she minded if I sold them…  she sweetly said, “Go ahead but try to make them your own.”  I still haven’t put them in my Etsy shop yet (in fact, nothing is in there atm) but I’m seriously thinking about it.
Red and Gold
They are really fun to make and I love choosing which stones to pair with the different bases.
Green and Silver Mum
Grey and White Rose
mustard and Purple Mum4
blue and silver mum2
Ponder, ponder, ponder….
Linking up this week!