Family Ties

As some of you know, my immediate family does not live close.  My mom lives in southern Louisiana, my sister in Colorado, my brother b/w Nigeria and Louisiana, and my dad in Arkansas.  When the weather starts to change and fall is upon us, my soul aches for these special people.

Lib Carrie Little House

Me and my sister on our road trip this summer


My mom

Jonah Finn

My sister’s eldest and my youngest

Adrienne Em Little House

Sister cousins (since they don’t have sisters of their own)

Hopefully my mom will road trip here next month AND we are planning a family trip to Colorado over Thanksgiving…. happy dance! :)

~Enjoy your family today~


These are wonderful pictures and being able to reflect on memories is always so great when you are far from those you love. Most everyone (except you) are fairly close to me-- my folks live 5 minutes away and I have no siblings but can remember a time when my family lived in another country and it was the pictures that kept me going.

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