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Emily's face when she realized she won first all around for the third meet in a row!!

So, please bear with me.  I am figuring out this whole posting via email thing.  I take so many pics with instagram these days and would love to share them with all of you!!

Blog/Life Recap of Quarter 4

I kept telling my bloggy pal Janette that I was going to participate in the 2011 Review Extravaganza and I’m finally keeping my word!!
Before I review my blogging goings on, I just want to tell you what I learned in life this December:
1. Being out of town 5 consecutive weekends prior to Christmas isn’t exactly the greatest way to get prepared for said holiday.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed all my trips and wouldn’t take them back, Christmas really sidled up on my this year.  Now that I’m finally in the mood, it’s O.V.E.R.!
2.  Having the main floor of my house painted 2 weeks before Christmas wasn’t a very smart move either.  Yes, I’m loving the freshness and the color.  But, I didn’t have time to sit at home and babysit the painters for the entire week. Not to mention, I missed my daughter’s fieldtrip to the science museum waiting for aforementioned painters to show up on the second day (which they finally did at 2 pm… could have made it after all).  Also, not to mention, I wasted my last week without kids sitting at home instead of being out shopping for them (see #1 for the reason I needed to shop).
3.  When life gets too busy crazy, I don’t blog.  It’s not that I don’t want to, but it becomes one more thing on my “have to do” list.  I resent it along with everything else on that list.
4.  My kids continually amaze me, in both good ways and bad.  Emily took first all around in her third straight gym meet, Max and Jack both earned their green belts in Tai Kwon Do.  Finley learned the phrase, “I will never ever EVER be naughty again,” and used it daily.  He followed it with “I love you SOOOOO much.  You are my best friend.” 
5.  My husband CAN still surprise me… he went to Jared for Christmas and made me feel like a princess. :))
Ok, Blog Recap:

October was a pinning, crafting, boot wearing, What I Wore Wednesday and Talk To Us Tuesday kind of month.

Boots front
Brownie SpiderPirate Pumpkin

Emily Twirl Outfit

In November, I started to get busy with the kids but continued my addiction with Pinterest and boots, started new addictions with Twitter and Instagram, and spent a large amount of time in Jack’s class.

Boots Closehandprint tree

  In December, I tried to organize my Christmas plans via pinterest, spent all the time that I could in Jack’s class, and got my new laptop!!  Woot woot!!  I still don’t have everything switched over but I’m working on it.  Yeah, basically not a blogging month for me. :(

Cheers to 2012!  My motto for 2011 was “Making the effort” which helped keep me focused on my family.  I think for 2012, I’m going to go for “Keep it simple.”  I still have a few hours to decide, right?

I have a NEW laptop!!

So, I have a new laptop people!!!  I’m back to blogging.

                                   {{{cutting a jig}}}}

I don’t exactly have any pictures uploaded on here yet. I still have to transfer all of my stuff over as well… 

BUT, I just wanted to let those of you who actually read what I write that I am back in action. Smile



Christmas Planning

WOW… I just realized that I have been OUT OF THE STATE for 12 days out of the last 17.  No wonder I feel like I can’t get caught up.  It was worth it all, though.  We spent Thanksgiving in Colorado with my BFF (aka my sister) and then headed to North Carolina this past weekend to ride the Polar Express (if you follow me on twitter, then you were privy to pics). 

Now, it’s already the 5th of December!!

It seems like I’ve been so excited for this season and tossing ideas in my head for so long…

it’s time to EXECUTE and I’m STILL not sure where to focus my energy.

 Here are some of the ideas I want to complete ASAP:


I want to do a variation of this inside though…



For my dining room table (guess I have to clean the craft stuff off first).



For end tables or as accents on the bar in the kitchen?



This is a good one for the kids to get knee deep in!


NOW… ideas for the kids and Jack’s class:


Source: via Liberty on Pinterest


Source: via Liberty on Pinterest


Ok, I feel a little more organized… and a bit like the Little Engine… I think I can,

I think I can,

I think I can.

Last Pair… pinky promise

Boots Muted

Yes… I’ve gone a bit overboard on the whole retail therapy as of late. 

Come on though my friends, how could I NOT get these??

I saw some boots similar to these at a get together Friday evening and I knew I HAD to have them.  I got up early Saturday morning explained to hubs that it was of the utmost urgency to buy these boots, and headed to the boot store about an hour away (Hubs was NOT happy with me, btw.  He didn’t exactly share my enthusiasm, go figure.).  In my defense, I have been looking for the “perfect” black boots for a couple of years now…  just ask my sister!  I’ve wasted many an hour and money in the process. 

My search…. officially OVER.

{{Happy dance}} 

Even though these are smoky gray, they are so much of what I wanted and more!!

Boots Close  

Turquoise insets of wings and fleur-di-lis accented with gold stitching….


Boots muted too

Pinky promise though, this is my last self indulgent splurge on boots. 


These lovelies are Corral Vintage, (just in case you were wondering)!

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“i am thankful” Handprint Tree

handprint tree top view I saw this idea on Pinterest…  AND I actually followed through and made it!!  I am in the process of helping each kiddo in Jack’s class make one BUT those aren’t quite finished yet.  It’s quick and easy…  a little paint and some cardstock/construction paper and you are good to go. 

For this project, paint the hand and a little of the forearm brown so you have the tree trunk and the branches when you place the hand/arm on the paper.  Next, squirt a tish of green paint along the bottom and let your child use his/her fingers to make the grass.  I let little man make the leaves out of his tiny finger prints in red, orange, and yellow all on his own. 

handprint treeSince we are so close the Thanksgiving, I asked Finn (and each child in Jack’s class) what they were thankful they had in their lives, typed them all out, and cut them into little strips.   I glued Finley’s for him, but each child gets to glue their thankful items anywhere they want on their tree.  I absolutely LOVE watching the creativity flow with the little people in my life.

Handprint tree name plate

Each child has their very own stamped name plate that will be attached with mini brads.  Kids are sooooo proud of their artwork and need something fancy now and then to accent it!!  (imo anyways)

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Pinned it, Did it, Loved it!!

Sorry for the absence as of late.  The sickness germs have officially made it through my house not once, but TWICE.  But, never fear…  I have had a shot in my hiney and some other good drugs to make me as good as new (good thing I have a good doctor).


So, like a good many of you I’m sure, I pin all of these fabulous ideas with aspirations of recreating them all!  I spend so much time getting inspired that I run out of steam…

BUT, my Bath and Bodyworks plug in oil scent was out and I remembered the above pin!  I followed the tutorial filling the empty container with water and essential oils.  I used about 20 drops each of orange and clove oils (that’s what I had on hand).  I plugged it in and holy crap, it smelled amazing!!  I wasn’t sure how well it would work, so I only filled it about 1/2 full.  It only lasted a week or so, but I will definitely do it again.  You can change up your scents more frequently and it is a much healthier alternative. 

I am working on my posts about Finley’s birthday party (that was, ahem, almost 2 months ago) and finishing up a super cute craft in Jack’s class tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the details!

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All in the Angle

Angles Top

of the camera that is…  After playing around with my camera a bit, I have decided that all pics should be taken from the above angle.  I mean, yeah I look like I should be in Alice in Wonderland with the big head and everything, but look how skinny my legs look!  Big head… skinny legs…. I can deal with that.

Angles Shoes

I like these cork wedges, but can’t ever seem to put them together with the right outfit.  So, I end up putting them on, walking around the house a little bit, feeling like I should have “for hire” in bright flashing lights above my head, and taking them off.  I do this at least once every couple of weeks.  Sigh…  When I see people with this type of shoe on, they always look so stinkin’ cute (except for that man wearing them in downtown Atlanta about a month ago, seriously folks).

Angles Crackle

Have you tried Crackle nail polish??  If not, you simply must.  Em and I are hopelessly addicted to it!

Hope you don’t have whiplash too horribly from all of my random jumping from topic to topic today.  I just had to get that off my mind. :) 

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One More Snack… I can’t help it!

Brownie Spider

I really got excited this year for the Halloween snacks…  didn’t plan on it but it just kind of happened.  When I was shopping for the bananas for my banana ghost/buddies, I found these yummy looking little brownies.  I knew the kids would love them and the spider brownie idea was born.

Brownie spider supplies

All you need is mini brownies, pretzel sticks for the legs, and butterscotch chips for the eyes.

Brownie Spider leg

Place the pretzel sticks in the brownie for the legs.

Brownie Spider legs

Then squish the butterscotch chips pointy side down to make the eyes.

Brownie Spider

Ta Dah…..  Brownie Spider!! 

Okay, I know food posts are NOT my forte, but these little snacks were just too cute not to share.  I promise to get back to my sewing craftiness soon.  Thanks for indulging me my friends.

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Banana Ghosts… Nom Nom Nom

Banana Ghost

Aren’t they cute??  A yummy and healthy Halloween treat! 

You want to make them with your kids don’t you? 

Well, of course you do so here’s how:

Banana ghosts supplies


Banana (I cut them in half as I did this as a snack in Jack’s kindergarten class…  11 bananas are ALOT cheaper than 22!)

Mini chocolate chips

Regular chocolate chips

You may even have all the supplies you need at home already.  :)

Banana Ghosts peeling

Peel the banana.

Banana Ghosts eyes

When placing the chocolate chips in the banana, push the pointed tip into the banana so it will stick in well.

Banana Ghosts eye

Insert two mini chocolate chips for the eyes.

Banana Ghosts mouth

Place one large chocolate chip under the eyes for the ghost mouth.

Banana Ghost

That’s it!  You are done!!

You can adapt this yummy snack for a year round treat.  Em was still hungry after she ate this one.

Banana Ghost Yummy

So, she made a banana buddy next.

Banana Ghost Buddy

The kids can randomly stick the chocolate chips all over the banana for a “buggy” affect. 

I mean, honestly, we all know that chocolate and bananas go fabulous together.  This is easier to make and much healthier than a banana split.  So, hand over the chocolate chips

Banana Ghosts Kids

and let those kids create!!!!

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