One More Snack… I can’t help it!

Brownie Spider

I really got excited this year for the Halloween snacks…  didn’t plan on it but it just kind of happened.  When I was shopping for the bananas for my banana ghost/buddies, I found these yummy looking little brownies.  I knew the kids would love them and the spider brownie idea was born.

Brownie spider supplies

All you need is mini brownies, pretzel sticks for the legs, and butterscotch chips for the eyes.

Brownie Spider leg

Place the pretzel sticks in the brownie for the legs.

Brownie Spider legs

Then squish the butterscotch chips pointy side down to make the eyes.

Brownie Spider

Ta Dah…..  Brownie Spider!! 

Okay, I know food posts are NOT my forte, but these little snacks were just too cute not to share.  I promise to get back to my sewing craftiness soon.  Thanks for indulging me my friends.

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That is such a great idea! I love it that little people can help make it too. Yum!

Best wishes,

Very fun snack!! I am so going to do stuff like this when my baby is old enough to appreciate it!! :o)

Thanks so much for the follow; I'm returning the love!!

For Love of Cupcakes

Oh this is so adorable! Really like your blog. Glad I found it!!

Yummy! I love easy food crafts, seeing as how me and frosting a cake are not friends....Ever.

you are going crazy girl and I love it!! I'm so excited to see your inspiration coming out in all of your ideas!! AWESOME!! and looks delicious!!!

My kids would love those...very cute! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog too! I also love your name, that is what we named our daughter! I'm your newest follower!

STOP IT! Look at you getting all creative and making me look bad. I haven't fixed, made, or baked ANYTHING remotely as cute as these things are!

Feel free to mail me one. My weakness includes slightly underbaked brownies....and I'm sure those taste just fine! =)

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