Adieu, Adieu


Although I am ready for 2010 to be over, I do have some happy memories that have occurred over the past year.   I do believe this is the most personal I have ever been on my blog!

 Things I want to remember

{1} “Honeymoon” in Jamaica (after 12 years of marriage)… we even renewed our vows!Wedding Love Vintage

{2} Watching my kids grow and mature

Max 2010EmilyJack   Finley 

{3} My friends and family that have supported me

DesLib Carrie Lib VintageJosh and Rebecca Concert

Now, for my things that I am READY to forget

{1} The personal strife that affected me the first half of the year…

Embroidery design from Urban Threads

{2} My neck surgery where cervical discs 5 and 6 were fused together, the pain that led up to the surgery, and the recovery afterwards…

Scar pic

{3} The pain of watching dear friends bury a child…RebeccaNolen

{4} All the negativity in my life…

victorian bird

So, adieu adieu 2010… you will not return again.


I’m STILL working on those resolutions…  but, I have a good vibe about this upcoming 2011! 

Peace Symbol

My Motto



So, I’m working on my last post of the year.  I’ve decided that I won’t be shedding any tears for dear old 2010…  In fact, I think I will say, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”  Not very eloquent, I agree… but it does get my point across!!

Now, off to work on those lovely resolutions…

Peace…. Love…. Joy


Christmas Family 2010

Merry Christmas from my family to you this sacred day.  May you each find peace in your heart, joy in His gift, and love surrounding you this holiday season.  And, yes….. hubs pretty much always looks that grumpy in pictures.


Finley (2)wouldn’t even look at the Dinosaur Train guys Santa left for him…. all he wanted was Star Wars guys like his big brothers.  He did warm up to them after about 5 minutes… :)

Max (10) was completely stoked about his acoustic guitar and even graced us with a few strums of random notes.

Emily (8) was also happy with her zoobles and zooble world.  Little House on the Prairie seasons 1 and 8 surprised her in her stocking and she proved to be in utter bliss at this surprise. 

I was sooooo super excited for Jack (4) this Christmas.  He is completely into Star Wars like his older brother.  Santa brought him a gumball machine just like he asked.  He also wanted “Star Wars Guys.”  I found a ginormous AT-AT clone trooper vehicle at Target for him.  I just knew he was going to LURVE it more than life and have the best Christmas ever.  He plowed through his presents….. and instead of telling me I was the best Mommy ever after he opened his present that I had been so excited about, he burst into tears.   YES….. tears, sobs, full fledged sadness… his heart was broken…..  he didn’t get his Star Wars Guys…. SERIOUSLY?!?!?  I actually had to send him to his room so I didn’t ruin Christmas for the other kids with a very big scene.  My mom gave him 2 Star Wars guys, 1 Star Wars guy came in the AT-AT, he got a Star Wars gun, and a Star Wars game that came with 2 little Star Wars guys.  In his little 4 year old mind, that box that was as tall as he was, was FULL of Star Wars guys….  When it was a ship, he was devastated that he didn’t have a collection of Star Wars guys that could rival his brother’s.  I have to remind myself that he is only 4.  When he came back from his room, he did apologize and tell me that he loved all his presents.  I guess that’s what I get for patting myself on the back prematurely!!

They are all snuggled in bed soundly after a miraculous white Christmas in Northwest Georgia.  All that playing in the snow tired them completely. :)

More pics soon of the many Christmas presents I made this year.  I hope I’m not naive in thinking everyone liked them.  At least, they said they did anyway!!

Purple Snowflake Outfit


 Jesslyn outfit 

Okay, okay… I’m over my little fit from my post about Em’s Christmas shirt….  :)  Here is an adorable outfit for a friend’s daughter.  I used my very favorite of all favorites fabric (Tina Givens, Chloe’s Imagination, In Time in Azur Tea) for it.  The Snowflake appliqué is from one of my most trusted embroidery sites, Planet Appliqué.  Rachel is amazing and I absolutely LOVE her designs!!

Jesslyn pants

Here is a close up looksie at the ruffles at the bottom of the jeans.  I accented with purple metallic ric rac.  Who doesn’t love ric rac, right?

Jesslyn shirt

Of course, a little closer look at the shirt as well.  The snowflake has a tulle and metallic trim little bow to pull it all together.

I had a fun time putting all the special little touches on this ensemble.  I can’t wait to see it in action!!

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Christmas Shirt

I don’t know exactly how much time I have before Emily thinks the things I make for her are completely lame….. so I shall relish in her excitement for this season!

Em Christmas Shirt

I have sooooo many ideas mulling around in my head and not enough time or energy to get everything executed.  Stinker!!  I’m realizing that Christmas is ONLY 3 weeks away…. seriously?!?  WTH? 

I’m trying to make as many presents as possible this year without stressing myself completely like I did last year.  I don’t know why we as women always feel like we can accomplish the unattainable around the holidays….. constantly setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment.  I suppose it is very difficult to look into those little eyes and settle for anything less than the very best for them.  Thus, the motivation to continue!