Christmas Shirt

I don’t know exactly how much time I have before Emily thinks the things I make for her are completely lame….. so I shall relish in her excitement for this season!

Em Christmas Shirt

I have sooooo many ideas mulling around in my head and not enough time or energy to get everything executed.  Stinker!!  I’m realizing that Christmas is ONLY 3 weeks away…. seriously?!?  WTH? 

I’m trying to make as many presents as possible this year without stressing myself completely like I did last year.  I don’t know why we as women always feel like we can accomplish the unattainable around the holidays….. constantly setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment.  I suppose it is very difficult to look into those little eyes and settle for anything less than the very best for them.  Thus, the motivation to continue! 


Gorgeous as always!

I can't believe Christmas is only 3 weeks away, and I haven't even started my shopping yet. I should probably get out there and get some of it done, but the snow isn't making me too excited about it. Well, the kids are done, but family needs to be bought for and shipped out.

Hang in there!!! Relief is just around the corner! I going crazy with my jewelry business. It has almost tripled since last year and I can't keep up!!!

Emily looks adorable. You may have a few years left of her enjoying the things you make her. :) ~Val

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