One More

My first attempt at making a t-shirt dress... not great but not horrible. I do like the way the design on the shirt turned out. Emily likes it, so I guess that is all that matters!

Sorry for such a short post, but I am super tired and I have a sick wee one. I used Amy Butler fabric that I LOVE!! The embroidery design is from Embroidery Boutique. I just spent a small fortune on that website! The designs are simple, cute, and sweet. I am gearing up for my nephew's first birthday party tomorrow! I have not exactly finished his shirt yet...

Clothes for my kids

I have so many projects that need to be completed, but I had to keep my oldest two happy and sew something very quickly for them!! So, without much commentary (so I can get back to sewing!) here are my weekend projects!

My first project was for Emily. I bought this cute skirt at Gymboree on clearance ages ago. I also snagged some leggings at the same time. Since my leggings-itch-me-too-bad daughter would not wear the aforementioned leggings, I cut them off into shorts (which she gladly wears, go figure) and used the extra fabric to make the coordinating shirt!

My next project was for Max. I will gladly sew for him as long as he lets me!! Although, at the age of nine, I feel that this won't go on much longer, sniff sniff. Maybe he will think my pajamas are cool a little longer?

I used black fabric with silver skulls on it for the letters in his name. He wore it proudly to school today!!
I must get back to work!!

Blog award and Tag your it

I get this sweet little message on one of my blog posts that I have a surprise waiting for me! So, I hop on over to Your Fabric Place and see my great surprise:

The rules are that I must write 10 things about myself and then tag 10 others to do the same thing. I am new to the blogging world so I won't be tagging the full 10, but I will enlighten all of you with my 10 random thoughts!

* One of my favorite sounds/feelings in the world is a newborn breathing in my ear while snuggled in my neck. All seems right with the world during this moment.

* I am completely addicted to Bloomsberry & Co. dark chocolate!

* My husband and I only dated 4 months before we got engaged.

* I am continually humbled by life... as soon as I think I have one thing figured out, I realize I don't.

* DON'T try to talk to me in the morning before I have had my coffee... it's not good. Trust me on this one.

* My sister and I should without a doubt have been identical twins. We are connected in a way that words cannot touch.

* When faced with the decision to clean my house or spend time with family and friends, my house loses EVERY time!

* I could seriously open a small retail store with the amount of fabric and sewing notions that currently occupy 2 rooms of my house. (blush)

* I am STILL waiting for my honeymoon after 11 years of marriage. I am hoping for Europe... and soon!

* I pray daily that God gives me the wisdom and grace to be exactly the mom that I need to be to each of my kids. They are all so different and the thought of failing them as a mother terrifies me.

There you have it! Now for the tagging:

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This and That

Just a quick note to express my joy and sadness about the first day of school. I can't believe I have a 2nd and 4th grader (sigh). So, here are a few things that I have done recently that make me smile. The first is a drawstring backpack for one of my 3 yr old's friends. It was a birthday present and she was sooooo excited when she opened it! How it makes one's heart happy when excitement abounds over one's creativity!!

A pink taffeta bag lined with a pink and green toile. Along with Amy Butler fabric, toile ALWAYS makes me smile.

A Liberty Original giftwrap. It is always fun to open something pretty.

Lastly, a dishtowel I made for Lori for her wedding shower. It's always refreshing to see words of encouragement when you are trudging away in the kitchen.

I'm going to go hug my kids now and make them something yummy for dinner! I am looking forward to smelling their freshly shampooed heads as we are snuggled in bed and reading together..... one of my favorite school year routines. :)

Piper's Blanket

I have been sewing like crazy these last couple of days before school starts! My latest endeavor was this sweet little nap blanket for a precious pre-k'er (yes, that IS a word according to the dictionary of Liberty).

Piper and her mommy came by to pick out fabric for this very special nap blankie about a week ago. Piper kept gravitating towards pink while her mom was really liking the oranges. What a great compromise they were able to make by picking out these great Amy Butler patterns!

I asked, "Pretty please may I do something FABULOUS for Piper's name?" I was given the green light (woot woot) and tried my hand at applique without my embroidery machine...

It took a while, especially while refereeing arguments every 5 minutes, but the end result was very much worth it. I am looking forward to making one of these for my own kids!!

Morning of FUN!

I woke up this morning feeling almost remorseful that summer is almost over and I haven't done all the fun things with my bambinos that I thought I would do this summer. SO, I ignored the laundry, got out the paint, and let the FUN begin!! We had paint from head to toe but created some fabulous birdhouses!!

Little Finley felt left out so I painted his little feet so I could forever remember how big they were at the ripe age of 10 months. Aren't they cute?

At the end of the morning, the faces of my little ones gave me a very happy heart indeed.

Buttercup Bag

Isn't this bag great? This is Rae Hoekstra's Buttercup bag. It's not only beautiful, the pattern is FREE! (Come on people, you know how I love free things!) After exploring Rae's blog, I decided to purchase this particular pattern (with a larger buttercup version as well) which also includes the rights to sell this lovely little creation in my Etsy store.

I must admit that I was so excited to sew this bag that I neglected part of the instructions.... thus, my seam ripper and I became new best friends when I attached the upper outer panel to the main outer panel. So, stick with the pictures and the details, and you will be just fine.

This bag is specially made for my sister (although thoughts of keeping it for myself keep meandering their way into my head). She has waited very patiently for her own "Liberty Original" for months. She has been one of my biggest supporters and encouragers for the past.... forever really. So, I suppose I will part with this gem since she has been known to shove gum up my nose when she doesn't get what she wants.

I will be making this bag in a variety of fabrics and posting them in my shop SOON!