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I am so excited to be writing this post!   Even though I have been absent from my blog, I have hosted another baby shower, shopped for my swap partner (the Lovely Stacy from Stacy Uncorked), and received an AMAZING box of goodies.  Not to mention, poor little Finley has been sick AGAIN, baseball has started (in addition to Tai Kwon Do, for the oldest 2 boys), and gym season is in full swing (6 meets down, 2 to go).  But, enough banter, I am excited to share my swap details with you!!

Um, can you say,


Emily was completely enamored with the bow and yelled “MINE” as soon as she saw it.

I have to say that Stacy and I have decided that we could definitely be twins based on our likes/dislikes.  I can’t remember when I’ve had more fun shopping and creating for someone that I don’t even know.  She completely spoiled me and I have to get her something else in the mail pronto to even things out.





SO, I ate the chocolate before I took a picture of it.  And, the fancy beautiful pin cushion Stacy sent is already hard at work.

Just an FYI,

My favorite color is green

and I LOVE vintage. 

How cool is my coffee cup?!? (I know you are jealous, no haters though!)  I can’t pick a favorite item, because I love, love, LOVE them all, but I can say that the above plate with the rooster salt and pepper shakers is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.  Vintage AND green!  It is front and center on my hutch in my formal dining room.

Oh, and I have used my cup everyday.  (Good thing I do dishes regularly)

So, here’s a shameless plug for Stacy (completely unsolicited… but when I love something, I like to share!)… visit her Princess Nagger site for yummy homemade items and custom gift baskets. 

I’m enjoying a “toasted almond” made with the Liquor Del Café that Stacy sent.  It is worth



Weight Watchers Point

that I used consuming it.

I’m just sayin’.

Thank You Stacy!!!!  You ROCK!!!!

Of course, I’m linking up with


Score! I love how she packaged everything. How beautiful!

Awwwww! You're making me blush with all your kind words! You don't need to send anything to 'even things up', silly! I absolutely LOVE everything you sent me!! :)

And now I need to update my website - I've been neglecting it, and your awesome shameless plug is motivating me to get busy. ;)

Thank you, long lost sister Liberty! You ROCK!! :)

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So fun to get stuff in the mail and even more exciting when they do you right!! Glad you had a great swap!! XOXO!!! I see LIBERTY Everywhere I go... and now on COFFEE CUPS!! cool... hah!

WOW is right!!! SOMEONE went over the budget!!! She hooked you up! I love the way she did her basket. How did it get shipped? That's amazing. You got lots of awesome loot! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you got Stacy! Thanks for swapping with us AND linking up! You're the best! xoxo

I'm so happy that we paired you two up, believe it or not it was a well thougth out process.

You did get some amazing stuff that was picked out just for you based on your communications, so much more meaningful right!

THANKS FOR SWAPPIN' WITH US, ooops I hit cap lock, and for always being such a supporter of TTUT!

A "toasted almond"? That sounds AMAZING! Swaps are the best :)

Great gifts! It looks like your swap partner really took the time to get to know you!

Holy COW!!!!! Way to show us all up Stacy...lol...no seriously what an amazing swap package!!!



Man, Shawn and IA are batting a thousand...sounds like they made another mathch made in blog swap heaven! You got some great stuff!! I'm wishing I could have a little of that Liquor Del Café stuff...looks YUMMY! I'm sure it is TOTALLY worth every WW point! :)

that looks like you definitely got some good stuff. way jealous of that coffee cup! xoxo

I would call dibs on the bow too...SO SPARKLY!! I love shiny things. Maybe that explains why Tinkerbell is my favorite? I think the dutch baby pancake mix is pretty fantastic. I'd be all over that too!

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