Coffee Anyone?!?

I have been working, working, working on coffee cozies!!! I still have some designs in the works that I am not including in this post. Keep checking my Liberty Original Facebook Fan Page for the latest creations. The possibilities are endless, really. I LOVE making these little guys. If you didn't get the full effect of that statement....


They are sooooo much fun to design and sew. I try these out on my Starbucks cups to ensure that each one has a perfect fit. If you are like me and can't live without your coffee (sad, but so true... you really don't want to see me before I've had my coffee), this is the perfect accessory for you. Bypass the paper sleeve, go green, and grab this reusable one instead.... fashionable and earth friendly! It is super cute AND no one will accidentally grab your coffee instead of theirs again. Ok, enough of my shameless pitch and on with the pictures.

Green Houndstooth with Red Monogram and White Sherpa

Pink Houndstooth with Black Monogram and Black Sherpa

Tan suede with Cream Sherpa.... Appliqued "M" with brown name

Linen and Black Toile with Hot Pink Monogram and Black Sherpa

Breast Cancer Awareness Cozies... Appliqued with pink/yellow (on left) or pink/light pink (on right) on Pink Suede and Cream Sherpa

Appliqued Letter with Moorish Blooms Purple fabric on Tan Suede and Cream Sherpa

Appliqued Letter and Name in Orange Whispers on Brown Suede and Cream Sherpa

Turquoise Script Name on Brown Suede with Cream Sherpa

Brown Script Name on Pink Suede and Cream Sherpa

Fancy Cozies without Embroidery... Red Corduroy with White Sherpa, Black Houndstooth with Black Sherpa, and Pink Houndstooth with Brown Fur

Plain Suede Cozies... Brown, Pink, or Tan with Cream Sherpa

Pretty much any style embroidery/monogram/thread color can be added to any of the above designs. Like I said earlier, the possibilities are endless!! Stay tuned for a GIVEAWAY on these little gems... more info soon.
In case you are wondering how to purchase these for yourself or as gifts, I have a few listed in my etsy shop. You can always email me with a specific request and I will do my best to accomodate you.

Plain Suede Cozies $8.00
Mongrammed $12.00
Appliqued Letter $12.00
Appliqued Letter with Name $15.00
Plain Fancy Cozies $10.00
Monogrammed $14.00
Appliqued Letter $14.00
Appliqued Letter with Name $17.00
Happy Coffee Drinking!!

Michelle's Hutch

A dear friend and wonderful neighbor, Michelle, was looking for a new home for her grandmother's hutch. It was a close race between myself and Sew Poshy. She graciously allowed me to purchase this beautiful addition to my studio! I am so thankful to Michelle and Karri.

This hutch is definitely exactly what I needed to organize Liberty Original. Don't my dressforms look beautiful displayed on the top?! Now, everytime I walk into this room, I get a warm and fuzzy happy feeling. I have been so much more productive as well. Woot woot... doing a happy dance... thankfully nobody is watching me!

Baby Lucy Ann's goodies are complete. I know she will keep warm in this blanket made from Art Gallery Fabric's girly girl line. Her monogram and birthday accent the middle of this blankie.

Here is a close up view of Lucy's flower appliqued onesie and her burp cloth appliqued with pink minkee. I added three little tags made from ribbon and ric rac for her to play with as she gets a wee bit bigger.

Here is a sneak peek of my next project already in progress. It is for a very special little girl!! (aren't all little girls special, though!)

Fabulous Vintage Finds!!

Aren't they fabulous!!! I have been looking for a wire dress form EVERYWHERE! I tried my luck at our local antique mall and did not find a full size one, but I did find this decorative one. I haven't decided what to name her yet, but I can't wait to have her model one of my Sass Tops or Sweetheart dress.

I also found these wooden spools to wrap my ribbon around. They will look beautiful in my craft room after I finish designing it. Functional and beautiful... LOVE it!!

Here are a few of my smaller dress forms. I am completely in love with these little guys. They will display my originals at craft sales and serve as inspiration for many years to come. The shelf is going to house my embroidery thread. I will be able to see all my colors at a glance.. woot woot! I will definitely post pics when I finish executing all of these ideas for my sewing room!

G is for Geraldine... my dear grandmother. She recently relocated to a nursing home and I hope this makes her smile when she receives it. I miss her more than words can convey and I pray I can see her soon.

Lastly, these lovely feedsacks and chenille bedspread begged me to take them home! Won't these be exquisite baby girl blankets? Purple is such a great fall hue. It can be soft and delicate
or robust!

So, I am still on a search for the perfect full size wire dress form. When the time is right, I know I will find it. My fingers are crossed that my embroidery machine will be completely repaired today. Many thanks to all of my patient customers!!

One Lovely Blog Award

Chantel, over at Growing Up..... Townsend Style has given little old me a BLOG AWARD. How fabulous is that?!? Thank you so much, Chantel!! I love reading her blog about life and mommyhood. I swear we are kindred spirits... I completely identify with so much that she blogs about.

So, the rules of the "One Lovely Blog Award" are:

Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I have been finding all sorts of fabulous bloggers through SITS! Here are the lovely blogs that I have recently discovered:

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Thank you for your fabulous blogs, ladies!!

More New Fabric!! Alhambra II by Art Gallery

Here is my newest shipment of yummy yummy fabric!! I have wonderful things planned in my mind for many projects with this fabric! (I also hope some of you will buy some... hint, hint :)) I am super upset that I am without my embroidery machine at the moment. It was acting up and I hope I get it back SOON!!! I feel so lost and naked (not to mention further behind on orders).

Without further blabber from me, here are the finger licking goods....

Palace Conversation Berry

Spanish Petals Blue

Palace Conversation Lime

Moorish Blooms Purple

Spanish Petals Buttercup

Cashmere Cameo Night

Well, if you are still reading, you must love fabric as much as I do! If you purchase any of this fabric from my etsy shop (or the Girly Girl line, which matches some of these, btw) and mention that you read this blog posting, I will refund you 15% of your purchase price via paypal (if you choose money order, I will send you a msg with the adjusted total)! So, go.... shop... I know you will love it!


A Week of Sewing

So, I know it has been a while since my last blog post. BUT, I have been busy... really I have! I am still behind on my orders, so minimal chit chat today:)

Monogrammed purse applique t-shirt... Didn't this turn out super cute?! I can't wait to see it on little Miss Haylee Brooke. Speaking of Miss Haylee Brooke....
Here she is sporting her Liberty Original at the soccer fields on LSU game day. Since she is so cute, we will let her get away with rooting against the Bulldogs, just this once though.

A birthday present for one of Emily's friends.

A birthday present for one of Jack's friends.

A baby present for baby Naomi!!

Onesie for baby Dash (Naomi's twin brother).

Dash needs a bib, too!!

I will chat more next post!! Thanks for understanding!! Muah.