A Week of Sewing

So, I know it has been a while since my last blog post. BUT, I have been busy... really I have! I am still behind on my orders, so minimal chit chat today:)

Monogrammed purse applique t-shirt... Didn't this turn out super cute?! I can't wait to see it on little Miss Haylee Brooke. Speaking of Miss Haylee Brooke....
Here she is sporting her Liberty Original at the soccer fields on LSU game day. Since she is so cute, we will let her get away with rooting against the Bulldogs, just this once though.

A birthday present for one of Emily's friends.

A birthday present for one of Jack's friends.

A baby present for baby Naomi!!

Onesie for baby Dash (Naomi's twin brother).

Dash needs a bib, too!!

I will chat more next post!! Thanks for understanding!! Muah.


LOVE the purse shirt. Did you hear me? I shall say it again, but louder... I LOVE THE PURSE SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!! You are divine and have lovely talent Liberty! Hugs and Kisses--

i love it tooo!!!!! i am now one of your followers. woohoo!!!!!

I love that purse shirt. SO CUTE! I really need to get my sewing in line! Really..I'd love to be so crafty.

Also, I received an award and I'd like to pass one onto you. Come by and get it!

Cute stuff….I envy all you ladies out in blog land that have amazing sewing skills. I really, really want to learn. I have a sewing machine and am slowly starting to play it. I made a little pillow for one of my dogs, if that counts. I need to sign up for a sewing class….I’ll add that to my list ;o)
The little outfit for a 1 year old it too cute. What a great gift that would be!

I’m having a GIVEAWAY over at my site. Stop by and check it out.


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