Turtle Man

Finley Turtle Shirt Close

Finley will be three in a month and weighs in at a whopping 23 pounds fully clothed.  Now that he’s potty trained (in theory anyway) and wearing big boy underwear, even his 12-18 month shorts fall down. :( I don’t want to buy any more at this point even though it will be shorts weather in these parts for another couple of months.

Finley Turtle Outfit 

This is my first attempt at making shorts for my little guy.  Hubs promptly let me know that our son looks like he’s wearing a tablecloth….  I think the fabric is cute for a toddler!!  It’s another one of those fabrics that I love so much that I’ve been hoarding it.  I bought it to make myself pajama pants, but that hasn’t exactly happened.

Finley Turtle Outfit side

When I showed him his turtle man outfit, he said, “For me??  Oh, I love it!  Can I wear it?”  Even though it’s for his first day of “school” I just couldn’t say no.  This cute turtle design came from Lynnie Pinnie and the font is from Embroitique.

Finley Turtle Outfit Water

He played in every single water puddle he could find and thoroughly soaked his clothes…  but even when they were wet, the shorts didn’t fall down!! 


Partying here if I can find the time!! :)


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Caden’s Present

Caden's Present

Emily brought home a cold the first week of school, sigh…  I have been battling it the past week.  I have had two steroid shots, and antibiotic shot, and many albuterol treatments.  Today, I finally feel normal again (me doing a little happy dance).  I’m STILL on the wagon, I promise!!  It has just taken all of my energy to run my house this past week.

In the meantime, when I was feeling ok after mega doses of advil and tylenol, I was able to make some little baby things for the upcoming baby #3 and boy #3 for a friend. 

Caden's Toile Burpie

I have had this story time toile for a while and finally had the nerve to use it. 

CONFESSION TIME:  I’m a fabric hoarder!!!  I LOVE fabric and buy it constantly.  Certain fabrics I’m so in love with that I don’t want to use… I know, crazy, right?  This was one of those fabrics.  BUT, I told myself that this was the perfect time to run with the bulls.  I accented the blue toile with black.  I really like that look for little boys.  There is little pom pom fringe across the top and ric rac across the bottom.  These are two of my absolute trims to use on anything. :))

Caden's Ribbon Burpie

For this burpie, I used wide ribbon and made a simple knot in the middle. 

Caden's Cupcake

I made a cute cupcake out of socks, a diaper, and a washcloth with Caden’s initials on it for the gift topper.  It makes me want monogrammed washcloths… babies are so lucky!!

Partying at a few of these fabulous get togethers this week (hopefully).

Stress Relief

Me:     Finley, please go potty.

Finley:     No, I not need to.

Me:     Finley, don’t pee pee on my bed.  Please go potty  now.

Finley:     Runs into the bathroom

So, naturally at this point, I think he’s a good little boy and goes potty…. WRONG!!!  2 MINUTES later I see him running from the bathroom to my bed with a handful of hand towels. 

Me:     Finley, did you pee on my bed?  (I have a new white with green trim comforter…. my first comforter in 6 years)

Finley:     Attempting to clean up his mess with more towels, looks at me, and shakes his head yes

Me:      Go check out the damage…

He had naughtily retrieved the iPad from my husband’s nightstand and was playing pac man whilst laying on my bed… and you guessed it…


(not to mention my comforter)

I should have shared that we are still in the potty training phase of life and he was naked from the waste down.  There was literally a puddle of urine on the screen.


I was trying to get the other kids to Tai Kwan Do on time, so I stewed about the event all evening.  In an attempt to calm my nerves, I made a bib.

Jackson bib close

Jackson bib corver 

I do feel a little bit better.  It is a really good thing that little guy is cute.  If he wasn’t so cute, there’s no telling what would have happened.  I really almost lost my cool.


But those eyes and smile saved him. :)

Back on the Wagon

I had the opportunity to sew a few burp clothes this past week. :)

Burp Cloth Owen Close

It has been so long since I have created anything for a little boy that I almost forgot how!

Burp cloth Owen

I always end up designing 4-5 different fonts and typically only use 1-2 of them.  This particular font is from Meringue Designs and I find myself wanting to use it with just about everything.

Burp Cloth Owen Corner

It looked a little too plain so I topstitched a double row around the edge of the fabric in the same color as the embroidered name.  I really like the final result. :))

Burp Cloths Morgan

Back to the pink and brown for baby Morgan! 

Burp Cloth Shabby Ruffle

I added a big shabby ruffle at the bottom of burp cloth #2 complete with raw zig zagged edges.  Shabby ruffles make me smile!!  I love the unkempt look they create.

So, I think I am finally back on the wagon again.  I have tons of ideas swirling around in my head again and find myself trying to balance them all with my kidlet responsibilities. 


Partying with a few of these fabulous ladies this week!

Guest Post on Snips and Spice

Malory over at Snips and Spice is hosting Cupcake Month!


I am guest posting tomorrow (my VERY first guest post, btw) so go check it out.  She has already featured some very talented bloggers with posts ranging from cupcake crafts to yummy cupcake recipes/ideas.  Mmmmm…