Back on the Wagon

I had the opportunity to sew a few burp clothes this past week. :)

Burp Cloth Owen Close

It has been so long since I have created anything for a little boy that I almost forgot how!

Burp cloth Owen

I always end up designing 4-5 different fonts and typically only use 1-2 of them.  This particular font is from Meringue Designs and I find myself wanting to use it with just about everything.

Burp Cloth Owen Corner

It looked a little too plain so I topstitched a double row around the edge of the fabric in the same color as the embroidered name.  I really like the final result. :))

Burp Cloths Morgan

Back to the pink and brown for baby Morgan! 

Burp Cloth Shabby Ruffle

I added a big shabby ruffle at the bottom of burp cloth #2 complete with raw zig zagged edges.  Shabby ruffles make me smile!!  I love the unkempt look they create.

So, I think I am finally back on the wagon again.  I have tons of ideas swirling around in my head again and find myself trying to balance them all with my kidlet responsibilities. 


Partying with a few of these fabulous ladies this week!


I'm so glad you are back on the wagon! Thanks for guest posting today!

I'm so glad you are back! I've missed your posts! Welcome back!
Scissors & Spatulas

HAPPY GIRL RIGHT HERE!!! SO GLAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to have you back on the wagon!! I always love the ideas you have swirling around and look forward to seeing you around more!! Don't leave me again!

We absolutely LOVE the burp cloths, both Owen's that we actually get to keep for ourselves and baby Morgan's that we get to surprise my cousin with. Thanks so much for all your beautiful, talented artistry, Liberty!

So cute! I love personalized gifts! I love the shabby ruffles too!!

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