Stress Relief

Me:     Finley, please go potty.

Finley:     No, I not need to.

Me:     Finley, don’t pee pee on my bed.  Please go potty  now.

Finley:     Runs into the bathroom

So, naturally at this point, I think he’s a good little boy and goes potty…. WRONG!!!  2 MINUTES later I see him running from the bathroom to my bed with a handful of hand towels. 

Me:     Finley, did you pee on my bed?  (I have a new white with green trim comforter…. my first comforter in 6 years)

Finley:     Attempting to clean up his mess with more towels, looks at me, and shakes his head yes

Me:      Go check out the damage…

He had naughtily retrieved the iPad from my husband’s nightstand and was playing pac man whilst laying on my bed… and you guessed it…


(not to mention my comforter)

I should have shared that we are still in the potty training phase of life and he was naked from the waste down.  There was literally a puddle of urine on the screen.


I was trying to get the other kids to Tai Kwan Do on time, so I stewed about the event all evening.  In an attempt to calm my nerves, I made a bib.

Jackson bib close

Jackson bib corver 

I do feel a little bit better.  It is a really good thing that little guy is cute.  If he wasn’t so cute, there’s no telling what would have happened.  I really almost lost my cool.


But those eyes and smile saved him. :)


YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Omigosh, we deal with this ALL the time! Ryan who is almost 4 and potty trained..... has these moments, you know where he gets the chills and you KNOW he has to pee...go potty! I don't have to. GO POTTY! I don't have to. I get irate! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! then it becomes a freakin' fight! Now he has lost all knowledge on how to turn on the light and now we are arguing about how he has a stool but he still has no idea how to turn on the light.... and now he doesnt want to go by himself and oh MY GOSH.... why?!?!?! I'd have lost my mind if he peed on my bed or electronics! I feel ya!

We're having potty training wars right now with Claire. She just won't use the potty. We bought her special Rapunzel underpants. We downloaded apps just for potty time use. We have a stash of M&M's ready for after potty treats. She refuses. The other day, she pooped on the floor right after sitting on the potty. That was super fun to clean. But, this too shall pass and soon she will be a potty pro....Or so I hope.

Oh, and the bib is just so cute! I love the polka dot pattern!

Oh, the humanity! So sorry to hear that, but totally understand being won back over by the cuteness!

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