Be Still…. And Know

Be still and know bottom

Have I ever mentioned that I really love to make dishtowels?? 

At my wedding shower (like a billion years ago, nonetheless), my mom talked about how you should always pray for the women in your life when you do your dishes.  She gave everyone in attendance a dishtowel and asked them to pray for me when they used it.  Every since then, I haven’t been able to look at a dishtowel the same way!

be still and know

So, here is my first of several posts about these lovely little items that all of us use on a daily basis.

Be still and know ruffle bottom

I designed and made this particular towel for a dear friend for Valentine’s day (she also happens to be Finley’s teacher at “school”).

Be still and know ruffle

I found the message to be fitting for this time of year… just a little reminder that we sometimes have to shut the noise around us out so we can hear what God wants to say.

I’m totally in love with this shabby ruffle, btw :)

Be still and know close

I need this reminder, like every day, so I made one for myself (I’ve actually been making stuff for myself lately… wow, what a concept!).  I wash it as soon as it’s dirty and hang it right back up!!  I’m not really a fan of laundry (I’ve actually been known to buy new socks so I didn’t haven’t to sort through the old ones… horribly wasteful, I know) so that is a HUGE accomplishment for me!!

It makes me smile.

AND we all need things in life that make us smile. :)

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CRAZY Rosette Hat

Emily Hat Flower Close Up

Late Thursday afternoon, Baby Girl told her lovely Mum that she needed a large colorful crazy hat for Friday…. as I’m trying to get her ready for gymnastics, Jack ready for his soccer game, Max ready for baseball practice, and some sort of nourishment prepared for everyone’s tummy.   She quickly picked the fabric (canvas for the hat and two beautiful batiks… she does have good taste :)) and described her vision.

Emily Hat

So, after I got everyone to bed that evening, paid bills, and was just about ready for bed myself, I remembered the hat… (insert word of choice here).  Flashbacks of the excitement on her face as she told me what she wanted… the giddiness only a child can portray over getting to wear a hat to school flood my entire being with guilt.  I made a promise.  I must keep my word even though it is after midnight and I’m exhausted.

Emily's Hat

I tore strips of fabric (an even number I think) and just started creating.  She wanted a “big glob of fabric” on the front of the hat and “things hanging off” the side.  I’m thinking… I can do this…

Emily Hat E Close Up

I braided fabric for each side of the hat and pinned them on.  Then, I knotted a strip of fabric, formed it into an “E”, and hot glued it between the braids.

Emily Hat Flower

I sewed two strips of fabric together length wise, ruffled one edge, and hot glued that bad boy to the front of the hat to make a GINORMOUS rosette.  I think that definitely satisfied the “big glob of fabric” request.

So, at 2 am, I placed the hat at her place at the table so she would see it first thing in the morning.  Even though I couldn’t see straight 4 hours later as I was getting breakfast ready, the “Oh, Mommy…. It’s perfect!  Thank you,” made it worthwhile. :)

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Tribute Tuesday ~Make it Count~

I’m participating in Tribute Tuesday again today!

My tribute today:

make it count

Masters Memories with Date

Often, it’s easier in life to coast along and not make the effort in the small things along the way.  The humdrum of daily life, the constant and consistent circle of activity, the monotony…. 

Birthday Carrie Libby

However, it’s only a monotonous humdrum circle of life if you allow it to be so….

Larry and Jack with saying

I choose to make every minute count…

Kids River

When I look at these faces, how can I not?  I OWE it to them.  They are little pieces of my heart walking around… in front of me, beside me, and behind me.

Kids on Swing



~Lowe’s Made Me HAPPY~

LibPreg#4andEm   { no, I’m no longer pregnant… but this is a picture that makes me happy when I look at it :)}


to everyone who was so supportive during my little pity party earlier!!  What wonderful emails and texts I received… I feel so loved. :))

So, here’s the update:

Lowe’s was unable to get an installer out here today.  HOWEVER, the manager (Chris) and Theresa (from appliances) were super accommodating. The delivery manager came back to pick up the dishwasher (as I was afraid that Finley or Jack would pull it over on their little bodies or run into the sharp corners and seriously hurt themselves) and I should have it re-delivered AND installed FREE OF CHARGE on Thursday!!! 

I know it was an honest mistake.  I was just so frustrated earlier after getting my hopes up of having a dishwasher that actually works (after several years of having one that doesn’t quite cut it).  I am super impressed with Lowe’s customer service and I truly appreciate them honoring what we were initially told.  I will definitely shop there in the future!

Lowes Logo.jpg provided by Lowe's Mooresville 28117


Rewind to two days ago:

At Lowe’s, have been looking at new dishwashers for quite some time, decide to take the plunge…

HUBS:  So, you guys will deliver, install, and take away the old dishwasher?

EMPLOYEE:  Yes, sir.

HUBS:  Great… Can we get this set up for Friday?

EMPLOYEE:  We can definitely do that.

Hubs and I are thinking…. “That was easy.”

Back to the present:

Call at 6:45 am… “Can we deliver your dishwasher in about 1 hour?”

“ABSOLUTELY!” (I’m so excited that I don’t have to wash each dish by hand BEFORE putting it in the dishwasher…)

8:30…. “Here’s your dishwasher ma’am”

“You aren’t going to install it?”

“No ma’am.  We only deliver.  Call the store and they will set it up for you.”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”  (Seriously folks… thought it was an April Fool’s joke…)

“No ma’am.  Let me see who helped you…. Oh, he’s new…. he didn’t set up installation…”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”  (Still couldn’t believe it)

“No ma’am.  I’m sorry.  Have a nice day.”



Here I sit, waiting for a call back from the appliance department to see if an installer can come out today, having to pay an additional $110, trying to keep my little two from accidentally running into the dishwasher that’s


needing to mail out orders, go pay bills, go by the bank, drop the dogs at the vet, etc etc….  I’m afraid to get in the shower or even go to the bathroom lest I MISS the call…




I saved a whole sink full of dishes for my new dishwasher…. guess I better get to hand washing them…