Tribute Tuesday ~Make it Count~

I’m participating in Tribute Tuesday again today!

My tribute today:

make it count

Masters Memories with Date

Often, it’s easier in life to coast along and not make the effort in the small things along the way.  The humdrum of daily life, the constant and consistent circle of activity, the monotony…. 

Birthday Carrie Libby

However, it’s only a monotonous humdrum circle of life if you allow it to be so….

Larry and Jack with saying

I choose to make every minute count…

Kids River

When I look at these faces, how can I not?  I OWE it to them.  They are little pieces of my heart walking around… in front of me, beside me, and behind me.

Kids on Swing




such a sweet post!! Thank so much for doing another tuesday trib!! I wish I could get more people involved in the link party.. You have a way with words and are so good at your posts!! Love it!

Such a sweet, beautiful post. I'm so happy I got to read it. I needed the reminder to make it count.

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