~Lowe’s Made Me HAPPY~

LibPreg#4andEm   { no, I’m no longer pregnant… but this is a picture that makes me happy when I look at it :)}


to everyone who was so supportive during my little pity party earlier!!  What wonderful emails and texts I received… I feel so loved. :))

So, here’s the update:

Lowe’s was unable to get an installer out here today.  HOWEVER, the manager (Chris) and Theresa (from appliances) were super accommodating. The delivery manager came back to pick up the dishwasher (as I was afraid that Finley or Jack would pull it over on their little bodies or run into the sharp corners and seriously hurt themselves) and I should have it re-delivered AND installed FREE OF CHARGE on Thursday!!! 

I know it was an honest mistake.  I was just so frustrated earlier after getting my hopes up of having a dishwasher that actually works (after several years of having one that doesn’t quite cut it).  I am super impressed with Lowe’s customer service and I truly appreciate them honoring what we were initially told.  I will definitely shop there in the future!

Lowes Logo.jpg provided by Lowe's Mooresville 28117


Sounds awesome! I'm so glad you got that taken care of for now:) At least you'll get a dishwasher that works soon!

What a sweet picture!! I"m glad things were taken care of!! Bet you are a happy camper now with a new dishwaster!! :) hugs!!

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