CRAZY Rosette Hat

Emily Hat Flower Close Up

Late Thursday afternoon, Baby Girl told her lovely Mum that she needed a large colorful crazy hat for Friday…. as I’m trying to get her ready for gymnastics, Jack ready for his soccer game, Max ready for baseball practice, and some sort of nourishment prepared for everyone’s tummy.   She quickly picked the fabric (canvas for the hat and two beautiful batiks… she does have good taste :)) and described her vision.

Emily Hat

So, after I got everyone to bed that evening, paid bills, and was just about ready for bed myself, I remembered the hat… (insert word of choice here).  Flashbacks of the excitement on her face as she told me what she wanted… the giddiness only a child can portray over getting to wear a hat to school flood my entire being with guilt.  I made a promise.  I must keep my word even though it is after midnight and I’m exhausted.

Emily's Hat

I tore strips of fabric (an even number I think) and just started creating.  She wanted a “big glob of fabric” on the front of the hat and “things hanging off” the side.  I’m thinking… I can do this…

Emily Hat E Close Up

I braided fabric for each side of the hat and pinned them on.  Then, I knotted a strip of fabric, formed it into an “E”, and hot glued it between the braids.

Emily Hat Flower

I sewed two strips of fabric together length wise, ruffled one edge, and hot glued that bad boy to the front of the hat to make a GINORMOUS rosette.  I think that definitely satisfied the “big glob of fabric” request.

So, at 2 am, I placed the hat at her place at the table so she would see it first thing in the morning.  Even though I couldn’t see straight 4 hours later as I was getting breakfast ready, the “Oh, Mommy…. It’s perfect!  Thank you,” made it worthwhile. :)

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Your posts always make me smile. Your vision for fun, new and cute have clearly passed on to your daughter and you are such a good momma!! I hope you can see straight today! :)miss ya!!

She looked oober cute in it that day! :) Smooches...

What a creative soul Liberty is and how great that she has an equally talented mom that will stay up to all hours of the morning sewing her vision!!!!


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