Rewind to two days ago:

At Lowe’s, have been looking at new dishwashers for quite some time, decide to take the plunge…

HUBS:  So, you guys will deliver, install, and take away the old dishwasher?

EMPLOYEE:  Yes, sir.

HUBS:  Great… Can we get this set up for Friday?

EMPLOYEE:  We can definitely do that.

Hubs and I are thinking…. “That was easy.”

Back to the present:

Call at 6:45 am… “Can we deliver your dishwasher in about 1 hour?”

“ABSOLUTELY!” (I’m so excited that I don’t have to wash each dish by hand BEFORE putting it in the dishwasher…)

8:30…. “Here’s your dishwasher ma’am”

“You aren’t going to install it?”

“No ma’am.  We only deliver.  Call the store and they will set it up for you.”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”  (Seriously folks… thought it was an April Fool’s joke…)

“No ma’am.  Let me see who helped you…. Oh, he’s new…. he didn’t set up installation…”

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”  (Still couldn’t believe it)

“No ma’am.  I’m sorry.  Have a nice day.”



Here I sit, waiting for a call back from the appliance department to see if an installer can come out today, having to pay an additional $110, trying to keep my little two from accidentally running into the dishwasher that’s


needing to mail out orders, go pay bills, go by the bank, drop the dogs at the vet, etc etc….  I’m afraid to get in the shower or even go to the bathroom lest I MISS the call…




I saved a whole sink full of dishes for my new dishwasher…. guess I better get to hand washing them…


So frustrating! Sorry to hear that. My Hubs is Mr Fix it and would never let anyone install something, he's stubborn like that. It's great that he can do so much, but it also takes forever to get around to it! Ha!

Side note, your kitchen looks freakishly like my kitchen. For reals. Same counters, tile, cabinets, island shape. But, my dishwasher is on the other side. Weird!

That is extremely frustrating. You shouldn't have to pay that extra $110. It was the employee's mistake. Hopefully you get in touch with someone to get out there and install it soon.

I'm giggling... Is that horrible?? Is it even more horrible to tell you this?? Okay, I'm thinking fast-- Aren't you sooo lucky to be able to go buy a super posh, new dishwasher?? Won't next week be so much easier on you?? Oh never mind--just drink a glass of vino--you'll giggle too.

OH BOY! THis has happened to me once before.. Although It wasn't humorous, I laugh about it now, and I remember quite clearly the way my husband said each word with enthusiasm as he had to do it.

First of all that is ridiculous!! So sorry you had to go through that!! And secondly, NOT ONLY do we have the same granite, but we have the SAME backsplash!! Yours appears to be on a diamond shape and mine is just squares. heh..

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