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Handmade Swap

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I was paired up with 2 swap partners as Amber’s partner was unable to participate….  I haven’t exactly finished my trade items for Amber and PoeKitten but I’m ALMOST done!!  If you haven’t visited her before, please check out Amber’s Blog!!  I love her style and easily get lost in reading all about her postcards, craftiness, recipes, and kiddos.  I received these lovelies in the mail about 2 weeks ago:

Handmade Swap Hair Clip

Handmade Swap Bracelet

Handmade Swap Bracelet View 2

I was uber UBER excited and have received more compliments than I can count on her handmade craftiness!!  Look at the attention to detail in the bracelet girls…  I am so in love and so happy that these little gems are mine to keep.  :) (I know that makes me a wee bit selfish… but hey…)

Handmade Swap Bracelet Vw 3

Amber was one of the first 5 to comment on my


post so I get to make her more than one pretty!

Thank you, Amber!!!  You are



Tell me more about this trading! I'm interested! I don't see anything about it on that blog though...


ooooooohhhhhh!! I LOVE IT!!!! I'm gonna go give her props on her blog!!! Those are super DUPER cute!!! I want one/both.... i just need to come live with you.... all sorts of goodness goin' on!

What a sweetheart you are. Thank you, so much for being my handmade trade partner! It brings a smile to my face to know that you love these handmade items that I have made for you. =) Have a fabulous day!

Hey girl, I am gonna link back to your blog about this post, but I was wondering if I can have permission to use a photo or two that you posted!

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