Pay It Forward 2011

I have seen this before and wanted to participate but did not bookmark the page.  Natalia at Ma Nouvelle Mode left a sweet comment on my blog.  When I went to check out her blog, I FOUND IT AGAIN!  Sweet… Score. :)

It will probably take me a month or two to get things together as I  really want each person to receive something very special! :) 


...... HOW flippin' clever!!!!!!

Thanks for posting this! I am going to participate in it over at my blog too!! I can't wait!!!

I would love to be apart of this!
Sign me up!

I think this is a fantastic idea! I'm in! And thanks for stopping by last week, it was great to 'see' you! Miss you much!

Wow, I have great timing, dont I. THis is fantastic. I would be excited to know that I made your 5 list!

What a great idea! I just missed being number 5, oh well. Hopefully I can hope on one of the gals above or start my own! Thanks for sharing!

I just discovered your blog today, you have so many great ideas! I really like your cute cupcake shirt. I cannot wait to try it! I am now a follower. ~Andi

This is an awesome and fun idea!!! btw.. love your coffee cozys...they're super cute!

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