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So, today I’m participating in Janette’s Tribute Tuesday…. Go check her out!!  She is my Bloggy BFF!!  We have never actually met, but we talk just about every day via our blogs, email, or texting.  I run quite a few of my ideas through her first to get her perspective and vice versa.  We are definitely a match made in heaven. :)

My tribute today:

my sister

Sisters River

Here is a picture from her visit last week (hence my absence) of us by the Etowah River.

By now, I hope most of you know that I am much better at editing and posting pictures than actually writing something of content….  But, I will try to do my sis justice.

Carrie Libby Nanny's

Here we are as little kids at my Nanny and Papa’s place in Arkansas.  We moved around ALOT as kids and visiting Arkansas was always like home. 

Carrie Libby High School 

The high school years….

I was ALWAYS jealous of my beautiful sister…. she was so petite and perfect.  She had the pretty naturally curly hair, I had the frizzy.  She had skin that tanned, I had skin that burned.  She had the petite features, I felt more like a hobbit.  When she sang, it sounded like angels… me, more like cats fighting on a hot summers night.  I used to sneak in her bedroom and try on her clothes, her makeup, her perfume.  I wanted to BE her…

Carrie Libby Cheesy Close Up

We became REALLY close after she left for college.  She became the sister I always wanted…. she had always watched out for me and taken care of me, but things were different.

Sisters River Close BW

She has become my best friend, my confidant, my biggest supporter in life.  I honestly do not think that I could continue to live on this earth if she were not here with me.  She finishes my sentences without missing a beat…She knows what I’m trying to say after only hearing a sigh… She calls me on my faults… She tells me I’m a bitch when I am… We always joke that we are actually twins that were born 4 1/2 years apart.

Carrie Libby Phantom

We are both terrified of drowning (and so are our daughters, btw), have four kids (3 boys and 1 girl), and married physicians (before they had the title).  I’m the sewer and crafter… She’s the cooker and baker… We both like to garden.  If you get us together… we are the perfect woman!

LibCarrie Smiley BW

So… Here’s my Tribute… 

i love you, carrie

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My brother got all the tan too. I get burned anytime there is a hint of sunshine. Me and sunscreen? We're BFF's. I think I should have gotten the tan though. I was first.

I have the same memories on my grandparent's goat dairy in Chandler, AZ. The goats are long gone. My grandma just couldn't keep up with them after my grandpa passed, but it still feels the same. I have so many memories there. Hide and go seek in the corn fields. Picking lemons and oranges in the orchard. Lying in the grass in the backyard listening to the radio while my cousin and I gossiped about boys. I even got married in the backyard. I love that place so much.

What a sweet post! I have two younger sisters myself. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll stop by again soon--I'd love to have you as a follower, as well!

What a wonderful tribute to your sis. It is wonderful having someone so close who you grew up with and will always be there for you! I can see how you would look up to a sister who is 4 1/2 years older and learn a lot from her too. :) ~Val

Awww! Love you baby!! You are the best!!

I know what you mean, my little sis got all the tan and blond hair. I'm super blue white and a redhead! Love her to pieces though, we're very close. Great to see another chick who loves her sis.

Hoping over after your comment about my pea wreath. It was so easy, I'll bet you could do it. I was just squirting the glue and then grabbing a bunch of peas and squashing them on. If you liked the look, you should really try it!

Great to meet you.

Oh, and I'm also a Ga girl! The river is right outside of my neighborhood!

Small world!

(and hooray for OTs! My son has special needs and I have so much respect for his OT and other therapists!)

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