Christmastime ALREADY?

Seriously??!? Are we less than 2 weeks away from Christmas? I am desperately trying to enjoy my family whilst getting all of these orders out. EEEEEK!!

Smooches and love to all and thank you to all of my customers for being so patient with me.

I am extremely excited to announce that Liberty Original coffee cozies are now being sold at Seabel's Gourmet Food in Pueblo, Colorado. :)) Woo Hoo!

I am off to get the rest of YOUR orders completed.



Many apologies for falling off the face of the earth. It never fails that someone in my immediate family will get the stomach blah's when we visit my sister. The baby starting throwing up Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my daughter the night before we flew home, the baby 10 minutes before we boarded our plane.... did that sink in?! Why yes, I had to fly home wearing clothes soaked in regurgitated pediasure... not one of my favorite smells in life. I was able to quickly purchase a shirt to change into, but had to keep the wet bra, jeans, and panties on...

Oh, I almost forgot... my 3 year old starting throwing up the day after we got home and my 9 year old 3 days after that. I have never been so thankful for alcohol hand sanitizer in ALL my life!

So, promises for a real post and a picture by the end of the weekend.