j is for JACK

Jack Shirt
Whoa…. it’s been like over 2 months since my last post… 
{I think I’m over my creative block}
                      at least I made something today!!
Jack Shirt Smiley
My Jack Jack has a shirt to wear on his first day of kindergarten come Wednesday.  Just look at that sweet little smile…  it sure warms a mummy’s heart. :)
Jack shirt close
I have had this idea in my head for about 4 months or so.  Today after I put Finn down for his nap, a little voice whispered in my head, “Enough already.  Get off your arse and make Jack his shirt for school.” 
Jack shirt corner
I had a white pair of pajama pants that I never wear and decided to repurpose them for Jack’s project.  Em helped me pick out the blue hue for the stamps.  I stamped, cut, and ironed away adorning the plain little yellow shirt that had been sitting, waiting for so long.  Then, I framed the patch with a long straight stitch and a shortened zig zag stitch for a bit of added detail. 
Jack Shirt High Kick
So, thank you Janette for the whisper.  You are golden and I can’t wait for that sweet baby girl to get here!
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