Caden’s Present

Caden's Present

Emily brought home a cold the first week of school, sigh…  I have been battling it the past week.  I have had two steroid shots, and antibiotic shot, and many albuterol treatments.  Today, I finally feel normal again (me doing a little happy dance).  I’m STILL on the wagon, I promise!!  It has just taken all of my energy to run my house this past week.

In the meantime, when I was feeling ok after mega doses of advil and tylenol, I was able to make some little baby things for the upcoming baby #3 and boy #3 for a friend. 

Caden's Toile Burpie

I have had this story time toile for a while and finally had the nerve to use it. 

CONFESSION TIME:  I’m a fabric hoarder!!!  I LOVE fabric and buy it constantly.  Certain fabrics I’m so in love with that I don’t want to use… I know, crazy, right?  This was one of those fabrics.  BUT, I told myself that this was the perfect time to run with the bulls.  I accented the blue toile with black.  I really like that look for little boys.  There is little pom pom fringe across the top and ric rac across the bottom.  These are two of my absolute trims to use on anything. :))

Caden's Ribbon Burpie

For this burpie, I used wide ribbon and made a simple knot in the middle. 

Caden's Cupcake

I made a cute cupcake out of socks, a diaper, and a washcloth with Caden’s initials on it for the gift topper.  It makes me want monogrammed washcloths… babies are so lucky!!

Partying at a few of these fabulous get togethers this week (hopefully).


Aw, I love it girl!! :) I am like that with certain things that I buy and buy and don't want to use it b/c I love it so much.. then I forget I have it and wish I had used it .... its tough.
I am sorry to hear you were sick! That is NO BUENO!! Glad to be reassured about the wagon though... b/c you know I'm pullin!! You better be back there!

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