Turtle Man

Finley Turtle Shirt Close

Finley will be three in a month and weighs in at a whopping 23 pounds fully clothed.  Now that he’s potty trained (in theory anyway) and wearing big boy underwear, even his 12-18 month shorts fall down. :( I don’t want to buy any more at this point even though it will be shorts weather in these parts for another couple of months.

Finley Turtle Outfit 

This is my first attempt at making shorts for my little guy.  Hubs promptly let me know that our son looks like he’s wearing a tablecloth….  I think the fabric is cute for a toddler!!  It’s another one of those fabrics that I love so much that I’ve been hoarding it.  I bought it to make myself pajama pants, but that hasn’t exactly happened.

Finley Turtle Outfit side

When I showed him his turtle man outfit, he said, “For me??  Oh, I love it!  Can I wear it?”  Even though it’s for his first day of “school” I just couldn’t say no.  This cute turtle design came from Lynnie Pinnie and the font is from Embroitique.

Finley Turtle Outfit Water

He played in every single water puddle he could find and thoroughly soaked his clothes…  but even when they were wet, the shorts didn’t fall down!! 


Partying here if I can find the time!! :)


I think its adorable.. 23lbs!! Holy cow girl!! he's a lil' light weight!! Ryan is almost 4 and proudly annouces that he is 36lbs.... maybe its the french fries and hot dogs.
Very cute shorts and top!!

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