Fabulous Vintage Finds!!

Aren't they fabulous!!! I have been looking for a wire dress form EVERYWHERE! I tried my luck at our local antique mall and did not find a full size one, but I did find this decorative one. I haven't decided what to name her yet, but I can't wait to have her model one of my Sass Tops or Sweetheart dress.

I also found these wooden spools to wrap my ribbon around. They will look beautiful in my craft room after I finish designing it. Functional and beautiful... LOVE it!!

Here are a few of my smaller dress forms. I am completely in love with these little guys. They will display my originals at craft sales and serve as inspiration for many years to come. The shelf is going to house my embroidery thread. I will be able to see all my colors at a glance.. woot woot! I will definitely post pics when I finish executing all of these ideas for my sewing room!

G is for Geraldine... my dear grandmother. She recently relocated to a nursing home and I hope this makes her smile when she receives it. I miss her more than words can convey and I pray I can see her soon.

Lastly, these lovely feedsacks and chenille bedspread begged me to take them home! Won't these be exquisite baby girl blankets? Purple is such a great fall hue. It can be soft and delicate
or robust!

So, I am still on a search for the perfect full size wire dress form. When the time is right, I know I will find it. My fingers are crossed that my embroidery machine will be completely repaired today. Many thanks to all of my patient customers!!


Some great finds there! Hope you'll get to visit with your grandmother soon :-)

Back when my grandmother used to sew, she had a dress form like that. It scared me, but I was 7, and 7 year old scare easily over silly things. I remember thinking it was much cooler when I was 12-13. That was when she stopped sewing and gave it away. Now that I look at the one you have, they really are quite beautiful and artsy.

Wonderful finds! I'm jealous!

omg I love dress forms...I want a regular sized one in my bedroom...although i'm not a designer or anything close.

I have seen these wire dress forms at TJ Maxx and marshall's from time to time.

Visiting from SITS!

Sooo lovely! You have a great eye Liberty! Tah, tah.

Love, love, LOVE this post! Oh how I wish to find such treasures. :) Have a great day!!

Popping over from SITS! Love your blog. Those are all great finds.

Congrats on these fabulous finds! I admire your tenacity and enthusiasm.

Very sweet also to hear you talk about your grandmother. Geraldine is such a lovely name, too.

Stopping by from SITS
Great photos. I also hope you get to see your grandmother soon!

Stopping by from SITS happy Saturday Sharefest.

wow, what scores! I love purple too, I dress my daughter in it more than pink!

thanks for stopping by my blog!

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