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I get this sweet little message on one of my blog posts that I have a surprise waiting for me! So, I hop on over to Your Fabric Place and see my great surprise:

The rules are that I must write 10 things about myself and then tag 10 others to do the same thing. I am new to the blogging world so I won't be tagging the full 10, but I will enlighten all of you with my 10 random thoughts!

* One of my favorite sounds/feelings in the world is a newborn breathing in my ear while snuggled in my neck. All seems right with the world during this moment.

* I am completely addicted to Bloomsberry & Co. dark chocolate!

* My husband and I only dated 4 months before we got engaged.

* I am continually humbled by life... as soon as I think I have one thing figured out, I realize I don't.

* DON'T try to talk to me in the morning before I have had my coffee... it's not good. Trust me on this one.

* My sister and I should without a doubt have been identical twins. We are connected in a way that words cannot touch.

* When faced with the decision to clean my house or spend time with family and friends, my house loses EVERY time!

* I could seriously open a small retail store with the amount of fabric and sewing notions that currently occupy 2 rooms of my house. (blush)

* I am STILL waiting for my honeymoon after 11 years of marriage. I am hoping for Europe... and soon!

* I pray daily that God gives me the wisdom and grace to be exactly the mom that I need to be to each of my kids. They are all so different and the thought of failing them as a mother terrifies me.

There you have it! Now for the tagging:

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3) Destine's World

4) Picturelily Photography

5) Sew Cute Shop



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