Clothes for my kids

I have so many projects that need to be completed, but I had to keep my oldest two happy and sew something very quickly for them!! So, without much commentary (so I can get back to sewing!) here are my weekend projects!

My first project was for Emily. I bought this cute skirt at Gymboree on clearance ages ago. I also snagged some leggings at the same time. Since my leggings-itch-me-too-bad daughter would not wear the aforementioned leggings, I cut them off into shorts (which she gladly wears, go figure) and used the extra fabric to make the coordinating shirt!

My next project was for Max. I will gladly sew for him as long as he lets me!! Although, at the age of nine, I feel that this won't go on much longer, sniff sniff. Maybe he will think my pajamas are cool a little longer?

I used black fabric with silver skulls on it for the letters in his name. He wore it proudly to school today!!
I must get back to work!!


I like Max's shirt. Did you have a template to trace for the fabric letters?

Yes... I am not that talented, lol. I purchased it at Michael's and it is called idea-ology my Jim Holtz. It is made out of grungeboard. I found it in the scrapbooking supplies. It comes with 9 complete fonts for $19.99. Use your 40% off coupon on it's only $11.99!

Love, love, love the outfits!!!

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