Buttercup Bag

Isn't this bag great? This is Rae Hoekstra's Buttercup bag. It's not only beautiful, the pattern is FREE! (Come on people, you know how I love free things!) After exploring Rae's blog, I decided to purchase this particular pattern (with a larger buttercup version as well) which also includes the rights to sell this lovely little creation in my Etsy store.

I must admit that I was so excited to sew this bag that I neglected part of the instructions.... thus, my seam ripper and I became new best friends when I attached the upper outer panel to the main outer panel. So, stick with the pictures and the details, and you will be just fine.

This bag is specially made for my sister (although thoughts of keeping it for myself keep meandering their way into my head). She has waited very patiently for her own "Liberty Original" for months. She has been one of my biggest supporters and encouragers for the past.... forever really. So, I suppose I will part with this gem since she has been known to shove gum up my nose when she doesn't get what she wants.

I will be making this bag in a variety of fabrics and posting them in my shop SOON!


Hey, I found you through Glenna's blog - I live near you, too. I wonder if we know each other? My kids are at the city schools, so I'm hoping for more sewing time come tomorrow!

Thanks so much for sending the link -- I always enjoy seeing new Buttercup creations! (:

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