Peace…. Love…. Joy


Christmas Family 2010

Merry Christmas from my family to you this sacred day.  May you each find peace in your heart, joy in His gift, and love surrounding you this holiday season.  And, yes….. hubs pretty much always looks that grumpy in pictures.


Finley (2)wouldn’t even look at the Dinosaur Train guys Santa left for him…. all he wanted was Star Wars guys like his big brothers.  He did warm up to them after about 5 minutes… :)

Max (10) was completely stoked about his acoustic guitar and even graced us with a few strums of random notes.

Emily (8) was also happy with her zoobles and zooble world.  Little House on the Prairie seasons 1 and 8 surprised her in her stocking and she proved to be in utter bliss at this surprise. 

I was sooooo super excited for Jack (4) this Christmas.  He is completely into Star Wars like his older brother.  Santa brought him a gumball machine just like he asked.  He also wanted “Star Wars Guys.”  I found a ginormous AT-AT clone trooper vehicle at Target for him.  I just knew he was going to LURVE it more than life and have the best Christmas ever.  He plowed through his presents….. and instead of telling me I was the best Mommy ever after he opened his present that I had been so excited about, he burst into tears.   YES….. tears, sobs, full fledged sadness… his heart was broken…..  he didn’t get his Star Wars Guys…. SERIOUSLY?!?!?  I actually had to send him to his room so I didn’t ruin Christmas for the other kids with a very big scene.  My mom gave him 2 Star Wars guys, 1 Star Wars guy came in the AT-AT, he got a Star Wars gun, and a Star Wars game that came with 2 little Star Wars guys.  In his little 4 year old mind, that box that was as tall as he was, was FULL of Star Wars guys….  When it was a ship, he was devastated that he didn’t have a collection of Star Wars guys that could rival his brother’s.  I have to remind myself that he is only 4.  When he came back from his room, he did apologize and tell me that he loved all his presents.  I guess that’s what I get for patting myself on the back prematurely!!

They are all snuggled in bed soundly after a miraculous white Christmas in Northwest Georgia.  All that playing in the snow tired them completely. :)

More pics soon of the many Christmas presents I made this year.  I hope I’m not naive in thinking everyone liked them.  At least, they said they did anyway!!


What a great family photo! It sounds like the kids were really satisfied. That is amazing you guys got snow for the holiday weekend. Heaven for the little ones! ~Val

I love that photo, and I'm also a bit envious of your tree. My poor tree didn't survive the little hands this year. Maybe next year.

Awww, I am glad he warmed up to his presents shortly and that the other kids loved theirs! I have forgotten what it is like to be four as well.

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