Adieu, Adieu


Although I am ready for 2010 to be over, I do have some happy memories that have occurred over the past year.   I do believe this is the most personal I have ever been on my blog!

 Things I want to remember

{1} “Honeymoon” in Jamaica (after 12 years of marriage)… we even renewed our vows!Wedding Love Vintage

{2} Watching my kids grow and mature

Max 2010EmilyJack   Finley 

{3} My friends and family that have supported me

DesLib Carrie Lib VintageJosh and Rebecca Concert

Now, for my things that I am READY to forget

{1} The personal strife that affected me the first half of the year…

Embroidery design from Urban Threads

{2} My neck surgery where cervical discs 5 and 6 were fused together, the pain that led up to the surgery, and the recovery afterwards…

Scar pic

{3} The pain of watching dear friends bury a child…RebeccaNolen

{4} All the negativity in my life…

victorian bird

So, adieu adieu 2010… you will not return again.


I’m STILL working on those resolutions…  but, I have a good vibe about this upcoming 2011! 

Peace Symbol


I too was ready to say goodbye to 2010. It was very bitter sweet for us, but I was very ready!! I just wanted to tell you how important you and your family are to Josh and I. I hope the best to you in 2011. Love you very much :)

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