Make the Effort


So, it may seem sort of mundane, but I’ve decided on one resolution for 2011:

Make the Effort

So often I don’t even try something because I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it perfectly.  I don’t let the kids have friends over because the house isn’t clean or I’m afraid the other child won’t have a good time.  I don’t start a project for fear of messing it up.  I tend to stick with what is comfortable to me… what I know that I can complete successfully. 

So, I promise to make the effort this year and break out of my box… for my children, for my friends,  for me. 

Clipart in the post courtesy of The Graphics Fairy


Hi Liberty!
I so know where you are coming from on this one. It as been difficult for me as well! I even wrote about it too!

"Make the Effort.."

Hooray for you.
We just discussed the inhibiting Factor and Myth of Perfection on our weekly Talk Show.
It is also topic of last Blog post on

Break out of molds and apply Action!

I'm like this too. I often don't start things for fear of failure (failure meaning "not perfect") and it's very stifling. Sometimes we just gotta do things and not care if it turns out crappy or not!

thanks for stopping by my blog! Miss "talking" to you! Our babies sure aren't little babes anymore! I too, am happy to show 2010 the door. Heres to a marvelous 2011!

This is a wonderful post! I love the message. The illustrations are gorgeous and pair perfectly with the message, "make the effort."

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