Star Wars Birthday

We had Jack’s family birthday party yesterday while he celebrated at school with classmates on his actual birthday.  He is a complete Star Wars fanatic and just had to have a Star Wars kind of day!  I used Felt So Cute’s tutorial as a guideline to make his party hat and then stitched out the same design on another piece of felt for his shirt.  I used Steam a Seam to attach the felt to the shirt and then stitched around the border with a simple straight stitch using red thread.  He was so proud of his shirt!!  Poor guy has been asking me to make him a shirt for quite some time now.
Then we HAD to have Star Wars cupcake toppers, juice box stickers, and stickers for everyone to wear.  I found some fabulous Star Wars clip art and party ideas online.  Here’s my very FIRST tutorial on how I made this happen:
Supplies needed:
Avery Label of your choice (I used round label 5294 and shipping label 5163)
Party store confetti or clip art of your choice
Craft sticks
Card Stock
Paper cutter
Print ship program (if possible) or Microsoft Word
I used a print shop program to design my labels, but you can also use Word.  Print out the round labels (mine say “Happy 5th Birthday Jack”)  and grab your confetti (A). 
Glue one piece of confetti on each label (B and C).
Grab your paper cutter and card stock.  I used the label sheet as a guideline on how small to cut my cardstock squares.  Each square should be large enough for one sticker (D and E).
Time for the craft sticks…  the ones I had were too long for my liking, so I cut them in half.  Take a sticker and place the craft stick on the sticky part approximately 1/3 of the way up from the bottom (F).
Stick the sticker on your cardstock square (G).
Voila!  Super easy and personalized cupcake toppers (H and I).  You can doll these up with layers of cardstock or with the use of craft scissors to decorate the edges.  I opted for a very simple boy look, however.
Here are the juice box labels and the stickers for friends’ to help celebrate!  Jack’s sticker said, “It’s my 5th birthday.” 
I had fun making these for my little guy.  I can’t wait to make some for Valentine’s Day. :)
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I love that! It looks great! I never would have thought to use shipping labels for something like that. Great idea!

Very cute!

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awwww they look lovely!! Thanks for joining our blog hop :)


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