Christmas Planning

WOW… I just realized that I have been OUT OF THE STATE for 12 days out of the last 17.  No wonder I feel like I can’t get caught up.  It was worth it all, though.  We spent Thanksgiving in Colorado with my BFF (aka my sister) and then headed to North Carolina this past weekend to ride the Polar Express (if you follow me on twitter, then you were privy to pics). 

Now, it’s already the 5th of December!!

It seems like I’ve been so excited for this season and tossing ideas in my head for so long…

it’s time to EXECUTE and I’m STILL not sure where to focus my energy.

 Here are some of the ideas I want to complete ASAP:


I want to do a variation of this inside though…



For my dining room table (guess I have to clean the craft stuff off first).



For end tables or as accents on the bar in the kitchen?



This is a good one for the kids to get knee deep in!


NOW… ideas for the kids and Jack’s class:


Source: via Liberty on Pinterest


Source: via Liberty on Pinterest


Ok, I feel a little more organized… and a bit like the Little Engine… I think I can,

I think I can,

I think I can.


aw dang... I miss out on pics b/c I'm not on twitter! I knew this day would come! I can barely think of things to post on facebook so I figure twitter would bore most people to tears if they followed me! I love your craft inspirations... can't wait to see what you make!! Missed you and glad you had a good time!!

Did you find those on Pinterest? I think I'm addicted to pinterest. I can't stop pinning. So many crafty things to make and foods to eat!

I'm gonna forgive you b/c its the horrid winter sickness time and holidays but dang it woman! i miss you!

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