Crap and Clutter

Whilst looking at all of the beautiful home decor pictures on Pinterest…


(as I’m drooling and feel the envy creep into my soul) a thought popped in my head…

I’ve decided that what makes them so appealing (other than the AWE-some designs) is that they are free from crap and clutter. 


When I think of a dream house, of course these types of images pop into my head.  BUT, are they realistic for people like me?  I’m one of those crafty whimsical types that would rather be working on a project than cleaning.  I’m actually jealous of my friends who have the innate cleaning and organizing talent (which I have quite a few of, btw…  secretly I’m hoping they will magically transfer some of their super powers to me!)

Living Room

This is my reality.  No matter how many times in a day I pick up toys, they reappear and multiply.  In fact, if I took another picture of the exact same area right now, you would see all new crap on the floor plus some!  Can I use kids as an excuse??  I would, but look:


There are two kidlets in this picture.  Is their kid crap hidden in their rooms?  Or is it hidden in the corners of the living room that we can’t see in this picture?  (I kid, I kid…  I know it’s a staged picture, but still!)

Living Room 2

If I let a little more light in, will my living room look any better??  Probably not, you will just be able to see more of the dust and dog hair on the floor.  (Yes, Finley is STILL climbing on the couch despite being told no.)

Living Room 3

I think I have some potential in this room, I just don’t know how to go about putting all my ideas, clutter, and crap together to yield the result I want.  I can’t get rid of the kidlets so I supposed I’m going to have to purge some of the kid crap and my own clutter. 

Sigh…  I’m working on it!


Yeah, Pinterest makes me feel like that too. I made a board to pin organizational things, but now I don't want to because I am nowhere near organized. Sometimes I wish I could just throw everything out of my house and start putting things back in slowly so it all has a place and looks nice. Though, I'm sure the small ones would find a way to destroy it within 5 minutes.

I love these pins! You have found some great inspiration here. I also love your picture! Thanks for showing life like it REALLY is!

Thanks so much for visiting and following me today! It's lovely to meet you and I can't wait to go and follow you on Pinterest too! I would be honoured if you could link up this Pinspirational post to my weekly Pinning Party as it is just fabulous!

Best wishes,
Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

Love the ideas you can find on pinterest. I'm shamed to even take a picture of our couches.. i think the microfiber which should be easy to clean are so nasty from the cheeto stains and grubby lil' fingers and snot faces that rub up against them.. Maybe someday I can have a fabulous looking living area! :)

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