~Totally Addicted~

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. 

I am hopelessly and TOTALLY addicted to:

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It has been stealing my blogging time!!

Where else can you find sooooo many ideas and organize them in such a neat way?

Like, party ideas…



Craft Tutorials…



Decorating ideas…


Source: etsy.com via Liberty on Pinterest


Inspiration for the kiddos…


So, if you haven’t joined pinterest yet, go to my profile and check it out. 

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If you need an invite, I would be happy to do so!


I can't even talk about how much I love and am addicted to Pinterest! Following you now! My husband tells me I am having an affair with Pinterest all the time.. : ) Happy Pinning!

Scared to check out Pinterest. I might waste as much time on that as I do on my blog and then where would I be?

That first picture is gorgeous! I held off on joining Pinterest for a while too, same reason as Mom or 12, but I'm so glad I signed up. Love it!

I would LOVE a pinterest invite! I've heard so much about it, can't wait to check it out! Thanks so much!


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