Coffee Cozy GIVEAWAY

Remember when I said there would be a giveaway on my cozies very soon??? Well, here it is!!! Lynn over at Midday Escapades is hosting a Liberty Original Coffee Cozy Giveaway!!! So, hurry up and pop on over to enter!!!

(So, I am very well aware that I used way too many exclamation points in that post, but I'm just so stinkin' excited)

Lynn is super sweet and always posts the most thought provoking things. She loves to help out a fellow SITSta and provides so many opportunities for networking through her blog. PLUS, she totally has a wire dress form on her blog banner. She had me at, "Hello!"


those cozys are cute, but im not a coffee drinker, i need one for a cold soda can LOL thanks for dropping by shaking the tree.. love new blogger buds.. cheers.

That was so sweet of you to drop by my blog and say thanks for entering your giveaway.
Plus the kind comments about my blog.

These are darling!!! I love them!!! I can't start my day without coffee!!! :-)

Hi Liberty! Thanks for the words of inspiration for sewing! I entered you're giveaway! I hope you have great success with you cozies!

Hi Liberty, Thank you so much for your comment.
I just love your work.These are so sweet. Love the detail. Keep up the good work.

I love these, Liberty! In fact, I'm going to use the first photo for the spotlight. I was also going to say - you can use it for more than coffee - any cup really. Thanks again for letting me host your giveaway and for my divine cozies!


They are adorable! I love my coffee and I also love the Pink one and the brown one. It will match my purse!

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