New Look

Don't you just LOVE my new look??? I cannot even begin to describe to you how perfect it is!!! Courtney (over at One Fine Blog Design) designed my blog makeover even better than I could have ever imagined it. If you are ever in the market for a blog makeover, I recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation. She ROCKS! I love you, Courtney (okay, so I don't actually know her, but I still love her work... how can you not?)!


Wow, Liberty - your new blog makeover is AMAZING!!!! I love, love, love the way it looks. I'm glad to see that you kept the "grab a cup" icon. Your blog is lovely!

Beautiful...looks like I could reach out and feel the texture. I'm a texture freak too! So I keep an idiot:) Holly

Woohoo... it is beautiful!
Over from SITS... hope your day is great!

Liberty, Courtney did my blog makeover for me as well and I adore it. Yours looks fantastic!!! As do your adorable coffee cozies. I'm not sure if you are at all interested, but I'm accepting sponsors on my blog and I'd love it if you'd consider advertising your etsy shop on my site. I'll send you an email for your review.


LOVE the new look. I love the green. And the font. Awesome makeover!

It's gorgeous! I love how blog makeovers can just make us feel so good!

Love the look! Stopping by from SITS--have a wonderful day!

I really do like this blog design! Thanks for stopping by on my site.

Oh so cute. I'm new to your blog and didn't see the old look, but love the new one.

Blog design is awesome! Coming from SITS just so you know. What is it exactly you like to get creative with? Designing coffee mugs? Maybe it's just me or that is is early I was just wondering. But I like your blog. Cool. What kinds of stuff do you blog about?

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