Same Story, New Day

So, those of you that are not interested in fabric are going to moan at this post. However, I LOVE fabric so I am going to lay it all out there for you.... I just received more new fabric!!! It is so beautiful and I can not wait to start making goodies with it (ahem.... as soon as I finish my other orders). For those of you who are sewers, you will be pleased to know that I am offering 10% off ANY purchase (yes, any purchase) in my etsy store if you mention that you read my blog in the note to sellers or a convo with me. So, even if you don't sew and need a cozy for your coffee, rush on over while they are on sale! (Not everyone at once now)

I have four new prints from the Botanica collection:

And three prints from the Chick Blooms line:

I will be posting these new lovelies in my shop tomorrow!! Just thought I would give you a sneak peek tonight!!




stopping by from SITS!! cool blog! I love your boy in the ruffle! Just kidding! I actually have boy girl twins and pput bows in his hair etc to get a rise out of Daddy!! Stop by

Oh...these are lovely!

Good Morning Sitsta...hope your having a cup o' joe...glad to have run by your blog:)

Indeed. It looks cute on muh page:)

Thanks and a huge smoooooch for letting me purchase the lovely fabric from you. It is divine! You have quite the eye for getting just the right bolts to coordinate so well together. Love and Kisses...

those coffe holders are way cool!You are so creative!

ooh, those are great! i love the colors! i FINALLY cut into my girly girl fabric i won from you - i'm still planning a baby quilt but wanted to use a little of it for a gift. come see!

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