Isn't She Lovely?

For those of you who know me or have been following my blog, you know that I have been searching, waiting, pleading, and hoping to find one of these beauties for quite some time. I had just about given up all of the aforementioned and resigned myself that it wasn't meant to be.... UNTIL I stumbled upon her at Jo-Ann's! I was rushing through trying to find scrapbook paper when I happened to look to my left... I muttered a quiet, "SHUT UP!" to myself and couldn't believe my eyes. Seriously?? Are you kidding me?? Thank you, God!!!! What an answer to my prayers.
My cart had mountains of fabric but no fear! I promptly picked her up and carried her to the cash register at the front of the store, all the while feeling like I was literally about to bust with excitement. Isn't she lovely?? She is modeling my Sass Top here and it fits her perfectly.

Now I just have to name her... Jewliana? Sarah? Felicity? I just don't know!! Any suggestions?


I'm not good at naming things but I think Lilah... sorta southern and sassy! What a cool find!

I found your blog via SITS... if you're interested I'm hosting a blog carnival each Thursday called "just for the JOY of it" - come by and link up if you get the chance!

I like Felicity.

Over from SITS.


I say name her Serendipity...we always find what we are searching for when we are just about ready to give up looking! thanks for visiting Marlie and Me!

She looks like a princess. I'd name her

I've left you an award on my blog!

i'm buying the very same thing tomorrow :) i would've had it yesterday if it weren't for the fact that i left my 40% off coupon at home. it's simply adorable, isn't it?

Oh, she is darling. I like Felicity. So glad you found her!

You have a lovely blog here! I love that you want to giver "her" a name. Personally, I like felicity :)
(PS - found you on SITS)

I love Felicity as well. It sounds like she has brought you much happiness! :)

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