Note To Self

Do not eat another skittle or piece of laffy taffy.  I do not care if the kids will get upset when you throw it away… JUST DO IT!  Your arse will thank me for this advice later.  Trust me on this one.

Also, fold the clothes and put them away… not later, tomorrow, or when you get around to it, but NOW.   You will be happier when your couch is laundry free (so will the kids).  Bills are due, pay them

Last thing… the clutter, it’s killing me!  Let’s get back on the Flylady bandwagon and do this thing.

FlyLady's FlyToon

Can I start all this tomorrow? 

PLEASE… with sugar and sprinkles on top?


but... i looooove skittles!! and the warm clothes on the couch are comfy :P

I have to throw all temptations out in my house or I have zero willpower! Just knowing it's in the cupboard will drive me nuts!!

Haha, I can totally relate! Those damn Laffy Taffies are addictive!

Heh! Great notes to self!! I need to follow this as well.... I have a wad of clean clothes that I washed for my son on the edge of my bed and have had it there for 3 days now and still managed to sleep at night. Its in the lower corner on my husbands side, but I'm all about removing the clutter!! I just stacked up some clothes to take to kid 2 kid when I can escape this house to see if they will buy! Hope your weekend is GREAT!

Skittles are so good though. I'm also terrible at putting away clothes. Especially Claire's. It's just so hard when I know she's going to pull them out of the drawers and throw them all over her bedroom floor anyways.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I LOVE FlyLady, though I've only recently found her...but I've now been getting my house in order! Is your sink shiny?! :)

Just trade in your skittles for some rice crispy treats and life will be much better!

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