Pirate Pumpkin Top View
My kids’ elementary school has a silent auction every year with decorated pumpkins to earn money for PTA. 
This was the first year in 5 years that I have completed a class pumpkin all by myself!  (yea, I was pretty excited to rise to the occasion…)
Special thanks to Kim over at Maiden D’Shade for getting my creative juices flowing on this one.  She had a fabulous tutorial about using lollipops to decorate a craft pumpkin that I totally loved from the minute I saw it. 
(She also has some really cool ideas and tutorials for Halloween decorating!!  If you have spent any time looking at Halloween decor on blogs, I’m sure you have seen some of her ideas.)
Pirate Pumpkin Lollis Top
I used a medium sized pumpkin and spray painted it with gold glitter paint.  After this, I followed Kim’s tutorial to add the lollipops.  Hubbs doesn’t normally help me in my crafty endeavors but he patiently drilled all the holes for me on this one.  (Thank you, dear… I know you read my blog even though you pretend you don’t.)
Pirate pumpkin Lollis
I used one of those medium sized memory boxes at Michael’s as my treasure chest (it was a pirate theme this year) and spray painted it black.  Wadded up silver and gold tissue paper served as the base in the chest for the pumpkin bounty.  A pirate hat topped on her head and a fake pirate skeleton guarded her faithfully. :)
Pirate Pumpkin
I finished the whole thing with glitter spray paint.  For the finishing touches, I hot glued ribbon tied lollis and scrap wooden shapes with “bounty” hand written on them to the outside of the box.  Of course, I had to hot glue jute around the base of the box.  If I can, I will definitely incorporate jute or burlap in any project. :))
The kids really wanted to keep it…  but since we made it, we can always make another! 


That's really cool. Hope the auction goes well!

How cute! I'm generally a candy Nazi, but this craft I might have to do. Just visiting from Rook No 17's A Little Birdie Told Me Linky party. ~Camilla

Oh my goodness this turned out so cute! I love the glitter paint idea for the pumpkin! You were so sweet in your write up of me. Thank you so much for linking back and for every nice thing you said!

I love the Pirate Lollipop Pumpkin theme! Great idea.

omigosh that is adorable!! I love it!! I hope it sells like hotcakes and raises the most money! How fun!! i'll have to save this idea for when i'm required to make a fun pumpkin!!

I loved Kim's original, and I love your take on it with the pirate hat! Awesome. My son would go crazy for it; if he were there, all the blue lollipops would be gone. :) Thanks for linking at OAM!

Absolutely wonderful, creative & generous!

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